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Aegis Living’s Culinary Program Sets Us Apart

With over two decades of senior housing experience and serving thousands of meals to our residents, our culinary program has standardized favorite recipes that delight our many residents and their guests. We partner with local vendors to buy sustainable and seasonal products to support the greater community. And since variety is the spice of life, we offer rotating specialty menu items regularly to provide fresh, exciting options to try. But our recipes are not typical fare that you might expect in an assisted living dining room. Our culinary program aims to bring meal options to the level of fine dining that you might experience at a resort. Meals are important for our residents, and we take great care in exceeding expectations in the kitchen.


If you are interested in an Aegis Living community, contact a community near you for a tour. We would love for you to stay for lunch and try our cuisine. See (and taste) for yourself!

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Making The Move

Change for anyone can be difficult. But imagine that you have lived in your family home for over 30 years. You’ve raised your children in the same neighborhood and retired there with your late spouse. It’s a neighborhood where you know your mailman, butcher, florist, and neighbors by their first name. To downsize, sell a home, and decide what to keep is no small task. It can be daunting. And we never underestimate the stress and impact this has on a person moving into one of our assisted living communities.

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