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Advancing Wellness with Dr. Raj

To cultivate greater fulfillment in life, Aegis Living is crafting innovative wellness and longevity programs to extend our residents’ healthspan—living better for longer. From prioritizing quality sleep to advancements in cognitive behavioral therapy, heart-healthy programs, and beyond, our forward-thinking methodology unlocks potential in every detail across our communities. Here, you’ll find genuine connection and joy, complemented by cutting-edge wellness strategies for a healthier lifestyle.

Introducing Dr. Raj to the Aegis Living Family

Meet Dr. Raj,

As a quadruple board-certified physician, Dr. Raj specializes in internal medicine, pulmonology, critical care, and sleep medicine. With a rich history of accolades from prestigious institutions, Dr. Raj applies his deep clinical expertise to improving the quality of life of every resident as they age. As a trusted expert in the field, he is a regular in media, appearing on various platforms and television shows such as Chasing the Cure, The Doctors, CNN, ABC News, and Inside Edition, and features tips on his podcast “The Dr. Raj Podcast.”

Healthspan vs. Lifespan

We’re redefining aging. It’s not solely about stretching out our years but enriching the quality. Thanks to advancements in technology, medicine, and wellness, our lifespans are increasing. Before us is a great opportunity—to extend our residents' healthspan, maximizing the richness of those years. Leveraging our healthcare resources and supported by expert programming, our residents can unlock their potential and live to the fullest.

Advancing & Enriching Care

Daily Programming

The core of our care is designed to engage, educate, and enrich so that every resident finds something that resonates with their journey toward vitality.

Educational Empowerment

Our educational initiatives provide residents, families, and team members with evidence-based research emphasizing the power of informed choices and proactive wellness.

Environment of Well-Being

From the physical space that feels comfortable and safe to the social environment that encourages connection, every detail is thoughtfully designed to support health and happiness.

Longevity Innovation

Guided by Dr. Raj’s expertise and commitment to cutting-edge research, we continuously explore and integrate innovations to ensure that living better is always at the forefront.

For Residents and Their Families

Dr. Raj is guiding Aegis Living in refining and enriching its care and programming for our residents, extending support to our families. He leads educational initiatives, offering actionable advice for you and your family to implement in your daily lives. Get direct access during regular open office hours, where you can seek personalized guidance from Dr. Raj. Additionally, you’re invited to explore his expert articles and seminars on sleep, dementia, diabetes, and more.

An employee putting their arm around a resident

Real Talk and Real Tips with Dr. Raj

There are many risk factors related to dementia. Prioritize these key healthy factors in your daily life to stay as mentally healthy as possible, and stay tuned for more tips from Dr. Raj!

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