Activity Program

Make Today Remarkable

By creating new memories together, we experience close connections that feel like family. Our Life Enrichment teams create captivating activities and reasons to celebrate that solidify new friendships and spark the imagination. Each day is filled with inspiration and a unique story to share. A long life to celebrate. A new chapter to enjoy.

Be a part of the joy, love, and laughter that is at the heart of our communities.


a man enjoying a very large ice cream sunday
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New Possibilities Around Every Corner

Our Seven Dimensions of Health and Wellness serves as the framework to engage the mind, body, and spirit of every resident, every day. Our teams program daily activities that encourage physical activity, social engagement, and cognitive health through music, art, education, exercise, and purpose for a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle.

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Family Link

Wondering how your loved one fills their day?  We use technology to give family members a window into the variety of activities, participation levels in programs, and social time spent because we understand that staying connected is so important.   With socialization critical to mental and physical health, this tool helps us ensure that your loved one is happy, healthy, and adapting to their new home.

What We Offer - Activities |

This is Us | Aegis Living

“I know that dad is happy at Aegis Living. And by using Family Link, I can see that he is participating in activities all day long. He’s even learning tai chi!”

John, son of Aegis Living resident