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What is Life Enrichment?

Here, there’s never a dull moment. We program activities based on passions and interests and always ask, what’s possible?  Got a favorite activity? Our Life Enrichment Directors use their creativity and knowledge of the interests within each community to customize unique activities and special interest groups.  In one community, residents have started a fly-fishing club for a group of passionate anglers, and another participates in intergenerational activities at an on-site preschool. One community took on the ambitious goal of beer making— from growing the hops to brewing and bottling their own bespoke blend. We’re continually evaluating and adding new programs to engage our residents in meaningful ways.

Be a part of the joy, love, and laughter that fills our communities.

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Activities Make Life Richer

We program our activities based on the passions and interests of our community, not on the age of our residents.  Enjoy a rotating array of activities at home or out and about to neighborhood events and on local excursions. Whether you want to explore your artistic pursuits, participate in our music programs, workout in a balance class, learn a new cooking skill in our demonstration kitchen, or enjoy an afternoon of fishing for passionate anglers, each day is filled with new possibilities.

Family Link

Wondering how your loved one fills their day?  We use technology to give family members a window into the variety of activities, participation levels in programs, and social time spent because we understand that staying connected is so important.   With socialization critical to mental and physical health, this tool helps us ensure that your loved one is happy, healthy, and adapting to their new home.

Resident Wellness Pie Chart
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Time Shared Together

The best part of living at Aegis Living is the opportunity to make meaningful friendships with neighbors and staff.  We design our activities to bring our residents together to encourage interaction. Our residents’ lives are richer for the new friendships that form over a cup of coffee in the bistro, sharing time together at a travel lecture, or enjoying the big game in the sports den.  And our home is always a welcome gathering place to be shared with family.

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