Our Leadership

The Aegis Executive Team draws on broad industry experience to form a compassionate, committed, and authentic leadership style. Our executives share a common goal, to serve with purpose. Their heartfelt passion is based in their own life experiences. They steward our company’s growth, honor the strengths of our employees, and inspire innovation in our industry. 

Dwayne J. Clark, Founder and CEO
Dwayne J. Clark, Founder and CEO
Kris Engskov, President
Sandra Preyale, Chief People Officer
Sandra Preyale, Chief People Officer

Angie Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer
John Carpentier, Executive Vice President of Operations
Amy Nelson, Executive VP of Financial Planning & Business Systems Integration

Walter Braun, Senior Vice President of Development

Tony Pisa, Senior Vice President of Operations

Chris Corrigall, Vice President of Life Enrichment
Constance Schein, RN, Senior Vice President of Clinical & Health Services