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Daily Physical Activity & Personal Nutrition

Whether sharing a wonderful dinner together, learning a new hobby, or participating in an exercise class, our mealtimes and activities bring our residents together. This social interaction is what makes an assisted living community a unique and rewarding experience for our residents. Sharing time and experiences creates new memories and bonds new friendships.

To age well, it’s necessary to keep physically active as much as possible. Keeping up one’s strength, coordination, and stamina can help our residents reduce the risk of falls, boost their moods, and contribute to their overall wellbeing. Although exercise may be at a different pace as they get older, adaptions like chair yoga or chair tai chi mean there are no limits to participation. Aegis Living has created unique programming for all physical conditions and cognitive levels, so that everyone can take part.

Proper nutrition is the other side of physical wellbeing. At Aegis Living, we understand that food is an important part of our residents’ lives. We celebrate with a good meal. Act like kids again with an ice cream sundae bar. Family recipes and comfort food can smooth a resident and bring back fond memories. Our chefs prepare a rotating menu of seasonal dishes using the freshest produce for the best nutrients. They will customize meals for dietary needs and preferences. We serve restaurant-quality meals, but we know it’s not only about the food but also the comradery of shared meals with neighbors and friends. Around our dining room tables, we are able to strengthen our sense of community.

Classes to Renew and Create Hobbies

A resident playing the piano

The fountain of youth may be found in keeping active, engaging in projects, volunteering your time, and playing. We help our residents stay young at heart by providing opportunities for them to indulge in their favorite pastimes and hobbies. Our Life Enrichment directors work hard to learn about the interests and hobbies within their communities and use their creativity to customize unique activities and special interest groups to engage the residents. In one community, residents have started a fly-fishing club for a group of passionate anglers, and another participates in intergenerational activities at an on-site preschool. One community took on the ambitious goal of beer making from growing the hops to brewing and bottling their own bespoke blend. We don’t program activities based on age but instead based on passions and interests. We are continually evaluating and adding unique programs to engage our residents in meaningful ways.

“The days of bare-bones amenities and predictable activities within our industry, thankfully, are long gone. At Aegis Living, we are constantly creating new innovations and engaging activities to surprise and delight our residents, like engaging in lively Ted Talk discussions, working out with a health instructor in a balance class, or rooting for a favorite team in the sports den,” says Aegis Living Vice President of Life Enrichment Chris Corrigall.

We also know that it’s healthy to engage and challenge our residents with new hobbies and classes. Our residents participate in cooking demonstrations with our chefs, having a belly laugh in laughter yoga, learning to paint in art classes, or peacefully practicing meditation. These may be new challenges that your loved one or parent may never have tried before, and they may find a new passion in life. These new activities can keep their minds sharp and encourage social engagement with other residents.

Family Togetherness

Often, when an adult child or a family member is caring for a senior loved one, their roles reverse. Their relationship changes and can become strained due to the stress. With your loved one or parent living in an assisted living or memory care community, you have the unique opportunity to focus on your relationship and get back to a positive place.

At Aegis Living, families and friends are welcome. Our communities are their homes, and we encourage families to visit. And if members of your family live far away, staff can help them keep in touch with a phone call or online video chat. Families can also see how their loved one spends their days with the Aegis Living Family Link app. As close as your cell phone, family members can see photographs of their loved ones, view the activities they have participated in, and gauge how they are adjusting to their new home. Maintaining strong family connections is important to us. We not only serve our residents but also bring peace of mind to families. Families are a part of our community and play an active role.

Our residents, families, and staff make up each Aegis Living community. Together, we share, laugh, love, and learn from each other. Living in an assisted living or memory care community creates a unique, supportive lifestyle for our residents and everyone they touch. If you are interested in an Aegis Living community, we are excited to show you our home and introduce you to our staff and residents. Contact an Aegis Living near you.

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