Quality Senior Living Staff

What Makes a Great Care Manager?

We know that moving someone you love into an assisted living or memory care community is a difficult decision to make as a family. You may be concerned about who will care for your loved one. Are you confident they will do a good job? Will they care for your parent like you would? You want to make sure the care managers in charge of your parent’s daily needs are respectful, attentive, affectionate, and kind. You want someone with strong skills, but also someone who can comfort with a warm hug or smile. These are the same qualities that we screen for when we hire our care staff at any of our Aegis Living communities.

Whether your loved one lives at one of our communities or another assisted living facility, we want to give you a few questions to consider as you tour and meet staff so you can evaluate the care:

  • What is the ratio of staff to residents?
  • What kind of training and skills do the staff have? Do they receive ongoing training and education?
  • How many are on staff overnight?
  • Does the staff administer medicine, and what is that process like?
  • Is there a nurse on staff? Are they available around-the-clock?
  • How do the staff interact with the residents? Are they kind, friendly, helpful, and professional?
  • Do residents respond positively toward the staff?
  • If you were to stop by unannounced, would you find the same positive and friendly interaction between the staff and residents?

How Do We Find the Best Caregivers?

In all positions that Aegis Living hires for, we take extreme care that the individual meets the high standards that we have set as a company. We specifically hire people who have a high emotional IQ, as well as superior skills and experience. We want to hire caregivers who can connect with our residents, empathize with families, and make those around them feel welcome and at ease. Our communities are not a typical place of work, but rather, our residents’ homes. Our care staff assists our residents within this intimate setting, so it takes a special combination of compassion and professionalism.

What Makes Our Staff Stand Out?

We hire staff who are looking for a career in this industry because quality and consistency in care are important to you and your loved one. We know your parent relies on these individuals and takes comfort in these relationships, so we are committed to the long-term employment and growth of our staff. Aegis Living invests in the retention of our best staff members with clear channels for professional growth to move up the ladder and for employees to reach their personal goals. We commit that every employee will have the tools, training, and skills to do their job to the best of their ability. Each employee is also encouraged to be a part of the growth of Aegis Living by sharing their ideas to improve the company and how we care for residents. Our staff is on the frontlines of care and comfort, so their recommendations and ideas are highly valued. We are proud that our staff takes ownership of the improvements in our communities and services.

We have received several industry awards on behalf of our employees. We dedicate the repeated awards that we have won, such as Best Places to Work 2017 Employees’ Choice Award – Glassdoor and Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal, to our devoted staff members. We are privileged to employ many employees who have been with our company from the beginning. We believe it is because of these dedicated individuals that we can offer your parent quality care from happy staff members who enjoy their jobs and feel appreciated for their hard work.

What Quality Staff Means to You

The approval of our residents and their families is the most important measure of our continued success. Aegis Living is dedicated to the happiness of our residents and the satisfaction of the families we serve. We regularly survey families to ask how we are doing in the communities, and we are proud of the top marks we have received throughout the years. We believe that the dedication and longevity of our staff, who deliver care with consistency and compassion, are why we have high approval ratings from our residents and families. And we never stop trying to please our residents and earn the trust of our family members.

Our Staff is Here for You

Our company is based on service and the people who provide that service to our residents. We will never stop striving to make our communities a comfortable, secure place to live and a great place to work. We are dedicated to our employees’ success, as we know that the loving care that they provide to our residents is at the heart of all we do. We know these goals go hand-in-hand.

Quality staff means quality care for your loved one. Our senior management team and leadership are always available to answer questions, receive feedback, and discuss how we can improve. Our commitment is to do our best for the residents we serve every day.

To tour one of our communities and meet our care staff, contact an Aegis Living community near you. We are happy to show you our community and introduce you to the hard working and caring individuals who assist our residents. We look forward to meeting you!

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