Help your parents enjoy life enrichment at Aegis

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Aegis senior communities offer a wealth of enrichment activities to help residents experience the mental stimulation and joy necessary for a positive assisted livingexperience. More than a calendar of events, Aegis’ activity selection caters to each resident’s mental, physical, emotional and spiritual requirements. If you are looking for a home for your mother or father where he or she will feel welcomed and appreciated, as well as enriched and busy, search no further than your local Aegis community. Have a look at just some of what Aegis residents experience:

Daily physical activity and personal nutrition

To age well, it’s necessary to take care of physical needs. Keeping up with strength, coordination and other important traits can make aging less of a physical struggle than it might otherwise be, according to NIH Senior Health. For this reason, Aegis offers activities for residents at all skill levels and in all physical conditions. Your parents may enjoy yoga, Pilates or tai chi, for example, but could also choose to go bowling or engage in gentle stretches or exercises performed from the comfort of a chair.

“Aegis activities cater to each resident’s personal requirements.”

Physical activity has a strong positive impact on a person’s mood, NIH Senior Health notes. Some of the classes Aegis offers, such as yoga and tai chi, concentrate specifically on the mind-body connection and calming the everyday stream of thoughts. This can be a great help for residents who find they are worried, anxious or simply stressed.

Nutrition is the other side of physical well-being, and Aegis communities pay close attention to this as well. The chef at each community creates customized, nutritious meals for the residents to help meet their dietary needs and preferences. Our kitchens even use local ingredients. The kind of meals your parents will enjoy at Aegis are restaurant-quality – but much healthier than you might imagine.

Classes to renew and create hobbies

In assisted living, your parents will be able to continue hobbies they’ve had their whole lives to the best of their abilities. Aegis facilitates this, and also ensures your loved one will have the opportunity to find new talents! Classes are offered in areas such as painting, baking and flower arranging. If your dad never really had the time to sit and draw when he was working, he might be surprised at how much he enjoys it.

Aegis offers its residents the chance to find new hobbies.

Keeping an interest in hobbies, talents and classes is very beneficial for seniors. It contributes to a joyful attitude about life and helps them engage socially as well. Art activities can even help keep the mind sharp, according to a study published in the journal Neurology and described in a release.

Family togetherness

Many seniors worry that they will lose touch with their families when they move into an assisted living community. At Aegis, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, families are welcomed and encouraged to visit at any time. You can join your parents for dinner in a well-appointed dining room or bring the grandkids by for an ice cream social whenever you have the time. And if members of your family live far away, Aegis staff will help your parents Skype with them to keep in touch. Maintaining family connections is so important for a sense of well-being for all of us, not just seniors, and Aegis works hard to keep those ties strong.

At any age and with any physical limitations, it’s important and possible for your parents to remain active members of a community. At Aegis, we can help make that a reality.