What Makes Aegis Living Different?

Aegis is different

CEO and founder, Dwayne Clark, created Aegis Living with the determination of creating an alternative to the sad “old folks’ home.” With over 30 senior housing communities and growing, he has set new standards in the senior housing industry.  Dwayne realized there was a better way to care for and serve our aging population. While working his way up in the assisted living industry as a young professional, he kept a box of dreams, ideas, and innovations that would later form the foundation of Aegis Living.  Today, each community has a similar “black box” to collect these ideas and continue to revolutionize this industry.

Dwayne empowers and challenges his staff to find unique ways to provide comfort, rekindle fond memories, and delight our residents.  He encourages innovation at every level—whether that is the re-creation of a 1950’s campground in a memory care wing, chef-prepared seasonal menus of the best locally-sourced products, elegant interiors that rival five-star hotels, or investing in technology to provide the best care and entertainment for our residents.

It is what sets Aegis Living apart.


Every Day is a Celebration!

Our Life Enrichment programming offers far from the typical, cookie-cutter activities.  Our Life Enrichment Directors use their creativity and knowledge of the interests within each community to customize unique activities and special interest groups.  In one community, residents have started a fly fishing club for a group of passionate anglers, and another participates in inter-generational activities at an on-site preschool. One community took on the ambitious goal of beer making from growing the hops to brewing and bottling their own bespoke blend. We don’t program activities based on age but instead based on passions and interests.  We are continually evaluating and adding new programs to engage our residents in meaningful ways based on the preferences of the residents in each community.

  • Life Enrichment staff who plan a rotating calendar of engaging activities, including music therapy, arts and crafts, trivia, balance classes, exercise classes, Tai Chi, TED talks, and so much more!
  • Custom programs and special interest clubs to meet the unique interests that make up a community.
  • Planned excursions into the greater, surrounding community.
  • * Demonstration kitchen for cooking classes.
  • Friends and family events to share and welcome others into our community.
  • Special guest presentations and educational programs for family, residents, and professionals.
  • Memory care activities and programs catered to the cognitive level of our residents living with memory loss.
  • Leverage technology to enhance our programs. For example, we use Alexa in our communities to bring an immediacy of information to activities.
  • A tracking system to understand what programs are most popular, the level of participation by your parent, monitor decline or increase in participation, and family members can review reports to see how their parent is adapting to their new home. This tracking system is another tool for our staff to monitor the health and happiness of our residents.


Our Compassionate Nursing Staff

For our nurses, being employed at an assisted living community is much different than working at a clinic or in a hospital. Our staff forms tight bonds with the residents and their families while caring for them in their community home.  Many of our nurses compare caring for our residents to caring for a member of their own family.

  • Each Aegis Living community employs a nurse on staff who oversees the care plans for each resident and customizes care plans to meet their individual needs
  • Every shift is covered by an on-staff nurse, whether they are in the building or on-call, including throughout the night.
  • Nurses engage with residents throughout the day during meals, activities, exercise, and in their apartment. They know our residents intimately.
  • Our nurses use their medical expertise to communicate and share any concerns in a resident’s health with their primary care physician.
  • Our nurses serve as the point person for family members to discuss changes or questions about a resident’s health and care plans.
  • The nursing staff teaches and coaches our residents to help them adapt to their changing needs.
  • Our nursing staff proactively care for our residents and notice changes in their condition quickly.
  • The nurses set the standard of care within each community and are responsible for maintaining this high level of healthcare.

24-Hour Care Staff

Aegis Living strives to deliver the best quality geriatric care to every resident. We know that the heart of our business is the dedicated staff who lovingly care for your parent and other residents every day in our communities.  Aegis Living has worked hard at nurturing and refining an employee-centric company culture. Happy employees will, in turn, make for happy residents.

  • Available around-the-clock to assist with the healthcare needs, activities of daily living, and comfort of your parent.
  • Our staff is trained with ongoing education in dementia care and skilled at redirecting difficult behaviors or agitation associated with memory loss.
  • Aegis Living actively recruits and retains the best staff, in a variety of creative and effective ways, to provide a consistency of care to our residents.
  • Aegis Living has innovative employee programs to reward our staff members for their countless hours of hard work and dedication.
  • Aegis Living is among the top-rated companies on Glassdoor.com, a global employer review website based on anonymous reviews by our current and previous employees. We are honored to be ranked as the #1 senior living company on Glassdoor.com by the overwhelmingly positive reviews from our staff.

Other Care Services

Aegis Living communities partner with local service providers to meet the unique needs of this aging population. The convenience of utilizing an in-house medical care provider allows your parent to receive compassionate health care within the comfort of their apartment.

  • * In-house primary care doctors
  • * Physical and occupation therapists
  • * Podiatrists
  • * Geriatric psychiatrists
  • Preferred pharmacy program
  • Blood work, labs, and x-rays scheduled as out patient


Making Life Easier … And More Fun!

Every property in the Aegis Living portfolio is unique and offers a variety of amenities and features.  Because of this vast selection from intimate to large scale, there is a community to fit the personality of your parent.  * Specific amenities and features will vary by location.

  • Concierge services to help answer your questions and arrange services
  • Housekeeping on a weekly basis
  • Scheduled transportation to doctor’s appointments or to run errands
  • Private furnished and unfurnished apartments
  • Elegant shared common areas for meeting with family, friends, and neighbors
  • Chef prepared meals that cater to dietary and food allergy requests and deliver a seasonally rotating menu of tasty meals
  • Spa services, including massage room, barbershop, hair and nail salon
  • Fitness center
  • Sports Den
  • Fresh juice bar
  • Cocktail lounge
  • Library
  • Arts, crafts, and music room
  • Swimming pool (limited locations)
  • Bistro or gastropub
  • State-of-the-art movie theater
  • Biophilia wall
  • Secured memory care wing with landscaped courtyard gardens

* Not all communities provide the same services. Ask your General Manager or Health Services Director for clarification on what is offered.

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