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Current Life Expectancy in the U.S.

Posted by Dwayne J. Clark
on June 4, 2019
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Today’s baby boomers are rebels. They are defying the typical stereotypes of aging and redefining what is considered age-appropriate. The 60+ generation is more vibrant, active, and youthful than past generations. Technology benefits the youth, but older generations are more connected too, and on top of current trends in self-care, clothing, and health. Technological advancements have also dramatically increased our life expectancy. Baby boomers are heading into their golden years happily, and that’s reflected in how they look and feel.

Per Statista, the average life expectancy in the United States is 81 years for women and 76 years for men, a far cry from generations before who were only expected to live until 50. Ready to find out how to add years to your life? Here are five tips to extend your lifespan and feel great doing it!

Tips for longevity:

1. Go Outside!

Vitamin D is an essential part of regulating and protecting your immune system. Did you know that approximately 50% of adults don’t get enough vitamin D? Just 15 minutes of sunlight per day is enough to maintain vitamin D levels, so go outside! If you’re concerned about your levels, consult with a medical professional to be tested. Vitamin D helps to prevent cancer, raises your immunity to the common cold, reduces the risk factors for diseases like diabetes and heart disease, and reduces depression.

2. Stay Social

People who have meaningful relationships have better health and life expectancy. Why? We know that isolation leads to depression, which shortens life expectancy. Creating memories, stories, and laughter with friends and family is great for mental health. Socializing is a critical part of Aegis Living’s Life Enrichment program. Activities are designed to bring residents together to encourage interaction, forging new relationships, and leading to richer experiences.

3. Diet and Exercise

Tried and true diet and exercise are the most important elements of a healthy lifestyle. Per VeryWellHealth, a study found that people who get 3 hours of vigorous exercise per week had DNA and cells that were NINE years younger than those who don’t exercise. That’s a little over a half hour per day. If you can’t commit to that much time or perhaps that much energy, any exercise will help to keep medical conditions at bay.

Pairing a regular exercise routine with a healthy diet is about the only guarantee for extending your lifespan. Most research points to a Mediterranean diet to reduce risk of disease. It’s plant-based, rich in fruit and veggies, whole grains, legumes and moderate in fish and nuts. Not only is a Mediterranean diet encouraged for vascular health, but research also finds that it benefits cognitive health as well.

4. Don’t Risk It

The common cause of death for young people are accidents, injuries, and violence, which all bring down life expectancy. There are also certain behaviors (i.e., smoking) that are proven to shorten life expectancy. Avoid risks! Wear a seat belt, follow the rules of the road, quit smoking, and maintain a healthy weight.

5. Go to the Doctor

Science has come a long way, and physicians can test and screen for diseases long before someone shows any symptoms. We know it’s scary to find out you have an illness, but early detection makes it easier to treat and extends life expectancy.

Healthy living and longevity is a significant focus in Aegis Living communities. Our Life Enrichment activities promote daily exercise, lifelong learning, and various excursions to remain active and engaged. Our culinary program offers a wide array of menu options, appealing to all different tastes while recalling the flavors of the residents’ past and preferences. Stop by an Aegis Living community near you to see how we promote healthy living!

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