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10 longevity tips for a better life

Posted by Dwayne J. Clark
on September 20, 2019
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At Aegis Living, we take great joy in caring for seniors who have lived long and amazing lives.  They are sources of inspiration, joy, and wisdom every day.

Motivated by many years of working with our aging residents, our Founder and CEO Dwayne Clark has recently published his latest book, 30 Summers More.  Dwayne has researched the latest health and wellness information to compile a book of bite-sized actionable items to change your lifestyle so that you can age gracefully. 

No matter your age, you can take steps to redesign your lifestyle to lead a fulfilled, happy, long and active life.

10 Longevity Tips

1.Keep your calendar filled with friends and family.  A full social calendar that includes family events, time with close friends, and social outings is one of the most critical factors to longevity.  Research has shown that being social has a dramatic effect on your health and can reduce cognitive decline.  Strengthening your relationships with your family, staying in touch with friends, and finding opportunities to meet new people, can all help with prolonging your life.

2. Move more, sit less.  As Dwayne outlines in 30 Summers More, exercising may not be enough and can be misguided. He believes that we need to counter today’s life-sapping lifestyle of sitting, with movement.  It’s important to move beyond the allotted 30-minutes in the gym each day and keep moving and active throughout your entire day. Try counting your steps, getting outdoors. Include exercises that improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance. In other words, take every opportunity to get up and move whenever can!

3. Eat real food.  Knowing what you should be eating and then sticking to a balanced diet is often easier said than done! All is not lost if you have one donut, one bad meal, or one off-day.  No one ever got skinny off a single salad or obese from one Big Mac.  It takes planning, dedication, and patience over time, so don’t get discouraged.  Try to keep your portions controlled and focus on eating foods that are healthy for your heart, brain, and bones. Consider these food guidelines from the Blue Zone. How some of the world’s longest-lived people have eaten for generations.

4. Visit your doctor regularly.  Visit your physician on a routine basis for regular checkups.  If you are ill, don’t neglect your healthcare and see your doctor if you have concerns. Keeping on top of treatments and health screenings can significantly improve your chance of living a longer life.

5. Get some zzz’s.  A good night’s sleep is a critical piece to your life-lengthening puzzle.  It can lower your risk for developing diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day and establish a bedtime ritual to wind down in the evenings for a better night’s sleep.  

6. Find your purpose.  According to 30 Summers More, having a purpose in life—a reason to get up every day—leads to happiness and a sense of meaning. Becoming aware of the inter-connectedness of your physical and emotional health can strengthen your mood, relationships, ability to manage stress, and your daily sense of joy.

7. Keep a positive attitude. A sunny, optimistic outlook has many benefits to a longer life.  Positive people have shown to be more resistant to the harmful effects of stress and lead a healthier overall lifestyle.  Kick up your heels and work on maintaining a happy-go-lucky attitude.

8. Find your spirit. Spirituality has been found to impact healthy aging, diminishing risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes, depression and heart disease. Spirituality may be more than participating in organized religion. Anything that helps bring peace to your life and nourishes your soul can be spiritual. Take five minutes to meditate, walk in nature, spend time in your garden.

9. Commit to a low-stress lifestyle. Not sweating the small things can add years to your life.  The key to a long life is to strive for balance and let go of unnecessary stress. Healthy ways to reduce your stress can include meditation, deep breathing during a yoga class, talking with a friend, or taking a long walk in the sunshine.

10. Discover the joy in every day.  Sometimes the simplest, small steps can have the biggest impact on one’s life.  Finding the things that you enjoy doing can make life worth living! Find something every day that you enjoy—read a new book, try new food, hug your dog, play with your grandkids, warm your face in the sun, or indulge in a hobby. Keep a gratitude journal to recognize and appreciate these happy moments and experiences in your life.      

Visit the Aegis Living community near you today to learn more about how we incorporate these longevity elements into each day of our residents’ lives.

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Dwayne J. Clark

Founder and CEO

Dwayne founded Aegis Living to offer breakthrough design, disruptive operational concepts and transformative living experiences that bring joy, comfort and meaning to the lives of seniors. With more than 30 years in the senior housing arena, he is nationally known for his creativity, innovation, and independent thinking in the development and management of senior living communities.

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