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Estate Planning at Aegis Living Lake Union: The Six Essential Documents To Have In Place

1936 Eastlake Avenue East Seattle, WA 98102
May 30, 2024
3:00 pm – 4:30 pm

Come to Aegis Living Lake Union to hear our overview of estate planning. We will cover what documents create an estate plan and the impacts of proper (and improper) planning. When drafting an estate plan, an individual is planning for both incapacity and death. Often, people focus primarily on their passing, but it’s critical that one also plan for incapacity. We will discuss both the estate planning documents that cover incapacity and death.

These documents include:

  1. Last Will and Testament
  2. Durable Powers of Attorney
  3. Health Care Directives
  4. Statement Regarding Disposition of Remains
  5. Tangible Personal Property Lists
  6. Funeral and Burial Instructions

We will also briefly discuss other documents that sometimes come into play, including, but not limited to trusts, community property agreements, status of property agreements, and separate property agreements.

Brent Williams-Ruth

Attorney at Law

Brent obtained his undergraduate degrees at Tacoma Community College (Associates Arts & Sciences) and the University of Washington (Bachelor of Arts). He took the next step in his formal education by enrolling in law school at Seattle University School of Law, graduating in December 2001. Brent sat for and passed the Washington State Bar Exam in February 2002, and was sworn in as a member of the Washington State Bar in June 2002. He is currently the one of the At-Large governors representing all members of the WSBA until September 2025.

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