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Our Culture

Making a Difference

Company culture is not a buzzword for us.  It’s what we strive for and deliver. Every decision we make influences and builds a stronger culture. A culture we hold precious and protect—like the residents we care for.

Our culture makes our company stronger.  We have a mission that is bigger than any one of us. We find happiness and success together in making a difference, in making magic in each life each day.

Employees Posing for Photo on Stairway

Employee First

We focus on the dedicated employees who serve and care for our residents.  We listen to our employees, incorporate their innovative ideas, and help them carve out a career path to success.

Smiling Staff Holding Resident's Hands


At Aegis Living, we are united by our passion for service. We not only serve our residents, but we also serve our employees.  We put our employees first to create a supportive workplace that, in turn, better serves our residents.

A resident cooking with a chef

We Make Magic

Whether big or small, simple or complex, part of our job descriptions is to create magical moments that make our residents feel loved, happy, and safe.  

Aegis Living’s Unique Culture

resident with staff walking


Our commitment to our residents, families,
and each other, to uphold the values outlined
in our SERVICE affirmations.

We seek to fulfill these values each and everyday.


Giving back to others reflects our commitment to healthy, happy communities. We dedicate time and financial resources to our employees and many organizations.

Staff wearing 'free hugs' shirts
seminar with presenter on stage


Aegis Living’s annual meeting, has transformed from a traditional business meeting to a three-day celebration of the human spirit and a seminar for self-improvement.