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FREE: Senior Care Emergency Preparedness Kit

Posted by Jennifer Alexy
on October 19, 2019

Peace of mind comes from being prepared. Learn how our Preparedness Kit can help your family.

preparedness kit

If you’re noticing changes that indicate your parent or senior loved one is needing some assistance, do you know what the process to getting more help? If your parent or an elderly loved one was released from the hospital after surgery or due to an illness, would you know where they could recuperate?   If your elderly loved one needs daily care or has long term needs and you cannot care for them, do you have a plan in place?  And do you have a backup plan?

Are You Ready?

In the assisted living industry, we meet many families in times of need.  And it can be a very stressful time for the whole family. They don’t know what to do when a loved one can no longer live alone and needs immediate care. Some family members may feel the growing anxiety and guilt of no longer being able to care for a loved one alone.  Families might be facing a multitude of questions and concerns about who could provide the best care for their mom or dad. And trying to make these decisions in the middle of a healthcare emergency is not a situation anyone wants to find themselves in. We understand.

Be Prepared

The Preparedness Kit is a program that Aegis Living developed after years of witnessing families scrambling to gather information and documentation. Before there is an urgent need, our Aegis Living team member can walk you through the legal forms and documentation step-by-step that are required by the state for admission. The documentation is also necessary to move your parent into a short- term respite stay to recuperate from the hospital, assisted living for those who can no longer live on their own, or memory care for those with dementia and Alzheimer’s.  We create a file with this required documentation, along with emergency information, photo ID, and medical authorization to expedite the transition into assisted living when needed.  If you wish, Aegis Living can keep a copy of this file as well.

By having this file and checklist of documentation completed, your family will have peace of mind that, in the case of an emergency, you are ready to move your parent into the care that they need quickly. 

Benefits of Completing a Preparedness Kit:

  • Your Parent Can Participate. Completing this documentation can open the door to a sometimes difficult discussion with your loved one about their future care.  It provides parents with the opportunity to participate in their own plan and communicate their expectations.  
  • No Delays. To complete the documentation, you can schedule appointments with lawyers, doctors, and pharmacists when it works with your schedule.  Your family will not be forced to scramble for assistance.
  • Memory Care. Many of our families who have a parent newly diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s will find great comfort in preparing this material now. It can be difficult to predict when a loved one may need more specialized care due to memory loss.
  • Expert Assistance. The legal documents required by the state take time and understanding to complete.   Our experts can walk you through the details and answer your questions. It’s always nice to have someone on your side.
  • Peace of Mind.  Your family can find comfort in having a backup plan in place for the unexpected and being proactive about the future care of their loved one. 

Life Changes.  We Can Help.

By completing our free Preparedness Kit, there is no obligation to move your parent into an Aegis Living community.  This program provides you with the documentation that you will need on hand in the case of an emergency, wherever you may bring your loved one.  

Stop by any local Aegis Living community today and pick up your Preparedness Kit.   Our team will gladly walk you through the details to help your family prepare.  

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