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Aegis of Fremont

Welcome to Aegis of Fremont in California

Close-knit assisted living community in the heart of Fremont, CA

Nestled in the beautiful tri-city valley, Aegis of Fremont is a well-appointed assisted living community where you will notice the difference immediately. Outstanding care, comfort, and friendship make our community a special place to call home.

In our Fremont assisted living community, you will find well-appointed apartments, a social dining room, our beautiful courtyard with walking paths and comfortable common areas to share with your new friends and neighbors. Our delightful amenities are designed to ease daily life, with housekeeping, laundry service, transportation and superb dining. Our friendly staff is available 24 hours a day to care for our residents’ needs and make life more comfortable.

Our choice of lifestyle options and differing levels of care ensures that care and experience is specially tailored to your loved one. Aegis of Fremont is a leader in assisted living and dementia care, offering a continuation of care that allows our residents to age in place as their needs change. Our nursing staff and trained caregivers offer a high level of service, from managing your medication to assisting with your daily activities, customizing senior care plans in cooperation with your doctors, and monitoring any changes in your health.

Luxury amenities. With amenities such as aromatherapy, full-service beautician and manicurist, shower spa, central bistro, and show stage, Aegis of Fremont is set apart from other typical assisted living communities.

Indulgent cuisine. Enjoy chef-prepared meals and snacks from seasonal ingredients to local produce and chef specials.

Intimate Setting. Our building is a designed on a smaller scale to be easy to navigate and promote socializing between residents.

Unique Transitional Care. Our assisted living community includes staff specially trained in dementia care who can assist those who are newly diagnosed with dementia as they slowly transition to more care. Our care teams closely monitor their changing physical, mental, and social needs.

Exceptional memory care. We take great pride in our nationally-recognized memory care program, Life’s Neighborhood™. Our highly-trained staff are experts in addressing the unique care and emotional needs of our residents with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

We invite families and individuals seeking assisted living in Fremont to contact our team for a tour today.

About Us

WOW Stories

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Enjoy these notes written to our staff members from family and friends of residents. We call them WOW stories, because they are tales about Aegis Living team members who provided such a high level of service that it knocked the socks off appreciative residents – touching their hearts and ours.

The following is review for Aegis of Fremont.

My father in law lived at Aegis for almost three years, and we visited him regularly in his new home. At first, the biggest appeal of Aegis were the two pianos they had available, because my FIL had been a piano player for over 7 decades.

Over time, and because of our regular visits, we truly got to see the individualized and genuine care Grandpa received at Aegis. Giving care isn’t simply about keeping them clean, dressing them or putting them to bed, but to give care really meant knowing who he was, what he needed, and how to provide it best. They did that on SO many levels, and not just with Grandpa, but with all the residents.

I would visit and find him in the middle courtyard with a staff member, because they offered him a cookie, and wanted him to enjoy the cherry blossoms. I would see Grandpa enjoying a banana in the company of the caregiving staff as they folded napkins or prepared their charts for the day, and he loved being included in their conversation and loved helping. Bananas were his favorite fruit, and they knew all too well his desire for order and cleanliness. I would find staff members get down on their knees trying to talk him through moments of OCD behavior, as they would rearrange his belongings over and over again for him, or redirect him to another activity. He was legally blind and hard of hearing, yet he was encouraged to socialize with others, and exercise. He could not just watch television. At first he loved roaming the beautiful backyard on his own, but they also noticed when he had enough sun to bring him inside, or when it got too cold. They knew him well enough to know his favorite sweatshirt or favorite pair of shorts, and always kept an eye out for his captain’s hat. And I knew I could entrust them to make sure he was well rested if another family member came in to visit later on in the evening, as they would put him down for an afternoon nap.

Things can’t always be perfect, but if I had any concerns, the administrative staff were not behind closed doors. The General Manager was very accessible, as well as their Care Director. I knew clearly the chain of command, who to talk to from the caregivers, to the med techs, to the nursing staff, and my issues were quickly addressed. My feedback always felt valued.

They also had in house programs available for the family members that gave me multiple opportunities to visit Grandpa and be at Aegis. From the holiday luncheons, to open forums where they asked families’ input regarding food for example, or in house dementia seminars. They even have a private room to host any special occasions with extended family members like a birthday milestone.

All in all, it was an environment that we got to visit and just that visit and focus on being in the company of our loved one knowing he was well cared for in his daily needs.

-Marie B.

Lifestyle Options at Aegis of Fremont
Aegis of Fremont’s Short Term Care, also known as respite care, offers opportunities to experience an Aegis community and its amenities on a temporary basis: Vacation Coverage – Vacation stays can range from a week to a month. This allows you to take a short break, a long vacation or a busin...

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Aegis of Fremont

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