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Protecting Our Residents

As COVID-19 has changed the lives of so many people around the world, it has also impacted all aspects of how our communities operate, care for, and serve our residents. We have been quick to modify or create new programs to meet the needs of our residents while keeping them safe, healthy, and happy. Here are some of the systems and processes we have put in place.

Covid-19 Vaccine Update

As the health and safety of our residents and staff continues to be our highest priority, our Vaccine Task Force has scheduled COVID-19 vaccine clinics for residents and staff in all of our communities. We remain vigilant in our infection control and safety protocols, and continue our partnerships with the CDC, local authorities and our own Coronavirus Advisory Council. Visit this page for updates on our vaccine clinics. We will also be updating answers to Frequently Asked Questions Here.

See messages from two of our incredible team members who recovered from Covid-19, and their support of vaccines.

Watch Olga’s Story

Watch Amal’s Story

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Watch Message from our CEO, Dwayne Clark

Our Commitment

THIS. Is Our Commitment. We never take your trust for granted. Each day, our teams lead the senior living industry, to innovate and harness the best information with the best partners so that we can make the best decisions possible as we navigate the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. See all the ways that we are living up to Our Commitment for the safety and happiness of your cherished loved ones. Click image for video.

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Community Health & Safety

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We work tirelessly to protect our residents. And as always, we remain vigilant about hygiene, sanitation, and infection control. Click image for video.

  • Surely and safely we will be reopening social spaces, as we can, within a comprehensive 5-phase plan to carefully phase in services, activities and dining.  And we’re innovating all the way. Our exclusive custom designed Outdoor Living Room Experience, approved by infectious disease experts, provides a beautiful protective cozy space in each community for residents to visit family without virus exposure.
  • Meeting or exceeding the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, Aegis Living has long-established infection control protocols and sanitation practices to protect against the spread of infectious illnesses.
  • We are in regular contact with federal, state and local health agencies, and our own Coronavirus Advisory Council to remain 100% focused on safety company-wide.
  • Plus, we have a cross-functional interdepartmental task force of leaders, experts and nursing staff who analyze daily developments as they work to strengthen and evolve our protections in all areas of our communities.
  • We’ve implemented frequent, daily disinfection procedures, community-wide preventative cleaning, and enhanced sanitation protocols, especially on high-touch surfaces and common areas.
  • We were early adopters of social distancing and voluntary community-wide isolation to protect our residents ahead of required local mandated isolations. We also have restricted all visitors to the communities and suspended all events.
  • To be prepared for long-term needs, we acquired hygiene, disinfecting, and emergency preparedness supplies. We also continue to source personal protective equipment (PPE) through our strong relationships with our vendors and suppliers to keep our residents and staff safe for the months to come.
  • We are following the American Healthcare Association (AHCA) guidance on accepting patients from the hospital.

Our Residents

We cherish our residents. They are part of our big Aegis Living Family; and we are innovating with new programs and partners to protect them and enable them to continue thriving.

Protecting Our Residents |
  • We are closely monitoring residents for any signs of illness, taking their temperature, and testing their oxygen levels daily.
  • We established a partnership with a private
    testing lab that provides some capacity to test
    residents and staff as there are identified needs. Our
    approach follows CDC guidance to test per contact tracing to those potentially exposed to confirmed persons.
  • We are prepared to handle positive cases of COVID-19 among our residents, employing heightened contact protocols and closely monitoring the health of residents to get additional medical treatment immediately as the situation warrants.
  • We ask our residents to wear masks and maintain physical distancing when outside of their apartment.

Our Staff

We hire for heart, head, and guts. That means smart, caring people who do the right thing and bring joy to their jobs. We remain focused on having appropriate protections in place for our 2,500 team members.

Heroes Outside
  • We are ensuring that if any staff is sick that they stay at home.
  • Every staff members’ temperature and health symptoms are measured when they arrive for their shift.
  • Our staff wears masks and other personal protection equipment (PPE) for both the safety of the residents and our staff. We are continually strengthening our enhanced sanitation protocols, including hand sanitation.
  • We’ve provided our staff with clear guidelines to follow should they or someone in their family become ill. Given the fluidity of the situation, we are regularly training our teams on both current protocols and new learnings we need to incorporate.

Culinary Services

Looking for healthy options? Our culinary team focuses more than ever on delicious immune-boosting foods full of color and flavor. Our Chef’s pride themselves in surprising and delighting residents.

Protecting Our Residents |
  • Food can be a source of both comfort and prevention, so our in-room dining focuses on healthy meals that are visually appealing and nutritious.
  • Our dining rooms in some communities are reopening so that we socialize from a distance to share a meal. Each resident gets a table of their own in staggered service to ensure residents can still chat up a neighbor while staying safe. We are committed to an abundance of caution; and we communicate protocols to each family and resident as circumstances evolve.
  • Hydration is especially important to the health of seniors, so we are offering a comforting and vitamin-packed bone broth and our soothing signature ginger tea, along with snacks and smoothies.

Life Enrichment

We care for the mind, body, and spirit of every resident. The emotional health of our residents is as important as their physical health. Our Life Enrichment team is highly skilled in introducing new activities and ways to support socialization and human connections.

Protecting Our Residents |
  • Although we may be apart, our residents are far from alone. Our team members enjoy quality one-on-one time that they share with each resident throughout the day—whether that is bringing in a meal, sitting for a chat, or singing together.
  • Our Life Enrichment team produces an entertainment show, called Aegis Live. Each week, a new episode features the life story of a resident, shares jokes, challenges our residents with trivia questions, leads our residents through an exercise class, includes live music, and much more!
  • Our residents regularly video chat with their families face-to-face via Zoom, Skype, and FaceTime to stay connected.
  • Each community has tablet devices loaded with a curated digital library to deliver a world of entertainment, games, classic radio programs, and more to keep our residents’ minds sharp and engaged.
  • We fill our hallways with music concerts, entertainment, and events for our residents to enjoy from the safety of their apartments.
  • Aegis Living Family Link uses technology to connect with families with uploaded photos and notes about how they are enjoying their day.
  • Enjoying the outdoors is an important component of our wellness program. During a one-on-one session with a staff member, scheduled walks have been designed to include sensory stimulation, engaging conversation, balance exercises to build strength, hydration, and fresh air.


Can I visit my loved one?

We ask that unless your visit is essential, you refrain from visiting at this time. We understand it’s difficult, but social distancing is proving to be one of the best ways to prevent the spread of the virus. Visitors can unknowingly spread the virus to their loved one and others in the building. We assist you and your family to connect with your loved one—through a phone call, video chat, or care package.

Can I send a care package to my loved one?

Yes, we take precautions before delivering packages which includes wiping down objects. We ask that you wipe down any items before you send them.

How are you keeping residents updated?

General managers communicate consistently in weekly updates at a minimum with residents.

Is my loved one regularly tested for COVID-19?

We are following CDC and local government testing guidelines for both residents and staff. We also go beyond government standards to conduct additional broader testing in our rapid response culture if we have any positive test results.

What if my loved one tests positive for COVID-19?

In the case of a positive test, you will be notified at once if your loved one shows any sign of any illness. We have a rapid response culture that begins isolating the staff or resident and following CDC guidelines for testing them as well as backtracking steps and testing those they came into contact with.

Does the community have enough supplies to care for my loved one?

We have emergency preparedness supplies and food to last for an extended period.

Who can answer my questions at a community?

Our general managers are always available to answer your questions. Contact your local community to speak with the GM. Also, check our COVID-19 website for regular updates.

Is Aegis Living accepting new residents?

Yes. As long as there is an available apartment, our communities are accepting new residents with protocols in place to keep them and others safe during the move-in process.
See our Accepting New Residents page.

Can I schedule a tour at a community?

Yes. We have set up virtual tours of our communities. Contact your local Aegis Living community to schedule a virtual tour.