Who Will Take Care of Mom?

Who care for mom Ravenna

When you ask, “Who will care for my mom or dad?”   At Aegis Living, you can be comforted knowing that our staff approaches their work as more than just a job.  As you know, this can be exhausting work, both physically and emotionally, but the rewards go far beyond a paycheck.  It is our staff’s passion and honor to care for others.  It’s a career with a deep sense of purpose that brings meaning to their lives. These are the type of people who will care for your parent.

The work that we do is more than a simple job description.   It is caring genuinely for seniors with dignity and respect.  It’s maintaining a semblance of independence to someone who can no longer live on their own.  It is delivering moments of joy, creating possibility, and encouraging laughter every day.  It’s treating our residents like members of our own family.

Our Compassionate Staff

The DNA of our company culture is innovation, empowerment, and compassion.  Aegis Living has nurtured and refined a company that is employee-centric focused.  We understand that the heart of our business is the people who passionately care and love our residents.  We want our staff to feel that same level of commitment and care from us as their employer.   This is why Aegis Living is committed to attracting and keeping the best employees at every level of the company.

We have created innovative employee programs to reward our staff members for their countless hours of hard work, including a company-wide employee lottery with cash rewards and luxury trips to London, Hawaii, and Disneyland! We support pride in their workplace, work-life balance, and innovative new ideas to honor our employees for their boundless energy and dedication to our residents.

Aegis Living is invested in the long-term retention and career fulfillment of our best staff members with clear channels to move up the ladder and attain their professional and personal goals. We commit that every employee will have the tools, training, and skill set to do their job to the best of their ability for success. And we know that happy, committed employees will provide consistent care that our residents and their family members rely on.

Visionary Leadership

Our CEO and founder, Dwayne Clark, created Aegis Living with the determination of creating an alternative to the sad “old folks’ home.” With 31 senior housing communities and growing, he has set new standards in the assisted living and memory care industry.  Dwayne realized there was a better way to serve our aging population. As a young man early in his career in the senior housing industry, he kept a box of creative ideas, lofty dreams, and innovations that would later form the foundation of Aegis Living.  Today, each community has a similar “black box” to hold new ideas from staff and continue to transform the senior housing industry.

Dwayne empowers and challenges his staff to find unique ways to provide comfort, create new memories, and delight our residents.  He encourages innovation at every level – whether that is the recreation of 1950’s campground in a memory care courtyard, chef-prepared seasonal menus of the best locally-sourced products, elegant interiors that rival five-star hotels, or investing in technology to provide the best healthcare for our residents. It’s this approach that has won the hearts of our residents and families.

Dwayne’s story is also personal after his mother became a resident at one of our memory care communities when diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.  He understands what it is like for a mother to forget her own son.  It is with this deep understanding that he is committed to hiring the most skilled staff, bringing the best care to our residents every day.

Award-Winning Employees

Aegis Living is its employees, and has been honored with a few prestigious awards.  We have repeatedly been awarded Best Place to Work by King5 TV.  Aegis Living employees have helped to make us one of the top-rated companies on Glassdoor.com, an employer review website based on anonymous reviews by our current and previous employees. Rated America’s #1 senior living company on Glassdoor.com, we are privileged to support and employ such caring and compassionate people. In 2017, we were honored to be named Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work- Employees’ Choice and one of the Glassdoor’s Top 15 Best Places for Work-Life Balance (amid 600,000 companies listed).  Happy employees create happy communities for satisfied residents and their family members.

It is our greatest honor to care for the elderly residents in each of our communities.  Our staff plays an integral part in the daily lives, continued health, and happiness of our residents.  This is a great responsibility that we do not take lightly.  Please visit us if you are searching for care for your loved one.

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