Making history: Seizing the moment to excel in senior care.

Birthday party at Aegis Living

Making great things happen for residents of Aegis Living takes great initiative by all members of the Aegis team. But sometimes an opportunity presents itself to “Wow” one of our residents in such a way, that we make new memories which are cherished in this chapter in their lives. The best part about  working at Aegis, is that you don’t have to hesitate when those opportunities present themselves.

71-years ago, in April of 1943, Cpt. Dexter Baker took off from US soil during World War II as part of the 528th Squadron in the 380th Bombardment Group of the 5th Air Force.  They were dubbed “King of the Heavies”. Baker would fly 25 missions over the South Pacific in his B-24, “The Golden Goose” with a key mission including the successful destruction of the Japanese Balikpapan Oil refineries-a resource critical to the enemy’s war effort. The mission lasted 20 hours – the longest ever flown at that time.

Now Dexter Baker, a retired Colonel is 93 years old with 24 years of military service followed by 24 years at Boeing.  Currently, he’s a resident at Aegis Living of Redmond, where one day – team members, who often listened to his war stories ­— asked a question. “Dexter, what would you really like to do?“

“Fly.” He said.

So the staff at Aegis of Redmond decided that this honorable member of the Greatest Generation should have the chance to feel the wind beneath his wings in a familiar bomber — one more time.   “For Dexter, one of his proudest memories is of being a pilot in the Air Force and serving his country. We have an opportunity in this great gift of taking care of our residents to be able to grant a gift from the past – which is, without question, a joy and honor.  For us, it just feels right and fills the heart.” says Glen Lewis, General Manager at Aegis Living of Redmond.

SURPRISE: See what happens when his wish was granted and Seattle’s NBC affiliate followed along.  The next day, other media, such as KVI AM570 interviewed our resident and national treasure.

This is what the “Aegis difference” can look like.

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