Investment in Seniors

Dwayne J. Clark CEO Aegis Living

Since our inception in 1997, Aegis Living has focused on transforming expectations about aging, creating a new image of what it means to live with grace, optimism, and joy. Looking to the future, and the growing wave of seniors who will need assisted living or memory care in the next 20-30 years, Aegis Living is committed to investing in seniors by providing an exceptional lifestyle for our residents, and a rewarding workplace for our employees.

Family owned

Aegis Living is a proud family-owned company, led by CEO Dwayne Clark, who has an expansive history within the senior living industry. When you step into an Aegis Living community, you’ll notice the Clark family portrait hangs on the wall. Those family ties reach through every touch point of our culture.


Aegis Living is committed to offering beautiful, well-maintained homes for our current residents and building new, innovative luxury communities to fulfill the needs of future residents in the ever-growing senior population. This commitment along with our dedication to providing excellent care and services are reinforced by Aegis Living’s vision, exceptional culture and financial security.

Community growth

In 2018, Aegis Living added three beautiful homes to our community portfolio in Washington state: Aegis Gardens Newcastle, Aegis at Ravenna, and Aegis of West Seattle. Each community is nestled within a family neighborhood to easily meet the local demand as the senior population grows. They are designed to provide our residents an enriching lifestyle and encourage togetherness with family, friends, and the community at large.

The connection to the surrounding community is an important factor for our residents’ active lifestyle. We invite local neighborhood social/philanthropic/educational groups to use common rooms as meeting spots. It’s an opportunity for our neighbors to get to know the Aegis Living family as well as our senior residents. Through planned activities with school groups, Girl Scout & Boy Scout troops, and other volunteer opportunities, we encourage intergenerational engagement. Located at Aegis Gardens Newcastle, our first Aegis Living joint preschool venture brings book-end generations together in one location. We provide programming that nurtures both populations with short and long-term benefits.

There are six new Aegis Living communities in development. Slated to open between Summer 2019 and Fall 2021, each community is strategically placed in a well-loved neighborhood of western Washington, with more planned beyond 2021 in Washington and California.

Capital improvements

Each year, community and executive leaders gather to understand the maintenance needs of individual buildings.  We are proud to employ a dedicated staff for maintenance and capital projects, who focus on the integrity of our buildings and providing our residents with improvements they may require. The team also ensures our communities are providing world-class amenities for our residents.

It’s also a time to review safety programs, confirming we have the latest in security measures: wander guards and Accushield, a touchscreen visitor management system that captures visitor photos, provides sign-in notifications to staff, and instantly prints name badges to better communicate with visitors.

Investments in technology

Our Life Enrichment program is designed to feed the mind, body, and spirit of each resident, and part of the evolution is becoming extremely personalized in approach. With the infusion of new technology, the Life Enrichment department can develop wellness plans based on individual preferences, life stories, and future aspirations of our residents. Adding smart technology, like Alexa, to our communities allows residents, staff, and families to recall information or engage in conversations by accessing information in real time.

Investments in employees

One of the key values of Aegis Living is to “employ and retain the finest staff.” Our commitment to attracting caring and compassionate people, providing engaging training, and opportunities for advancement, are initiatives important to the health and growth of Aegis Living. Our Human Resources team is constantly innovating ways to invest in our employees, ensuring they continue to be universally committed to making a difference both in our residents’ lives and the community they serve.

Vibrant, active communities create joyful environments for residents. As we continue to grow, our main goal is to illuminate the possibilities that come with aging—new experiences, new relationships, and new memories. Take a tour of one of our locations and see the difference for yourself. Our staff would love to meet your family! And to keep up with the latest Aegis Living developments, follow our Facebook page.

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