What to Expect Moving to Aegis Living

what to expect assisted living

Your longtime home may have been sold.   The moving boxes have been emptied and discarded.  Your loved one has moved into an Aegis Living community close to your home or conveniently located on the way to your work.  Your mom’s bed has been made with a colorful quilt, her framed family photos placed around the room, and her new robe hangs in her bathroom.  She is safely moved in, now what?  In the whirl of crossing tasks off your moving “to do” list or worse, handling an emergency situation that required a quick move, you may not have stopped to think about what your parent or spouse will experience in our care and how your family will benefit.

Your Parent-Child Relationship

When your parent moves into an Aegis Living community, the effect on your relationship will be the single most significant change.   As your parent became unable to live on their own, they have relied more and more on your assistance.  Often, adult children will feel like your parent-child roles have reversed.  Relieved of the daily burden and stress of caregiving, you can be the child again and heal your relationship.  Your parent will be treated with dignity and compassion by our caregivers. They will have the support they need, and you can have your mom or dad back to love and cherish.  Similar role returns can occur if it is your significant other who has moved.

Personalized Care

The care and attention that our staff devotes to our residents are as unique as they are.  From unconventional activities to nutritional rotating menus and customized care plans, we offer one-of-a-kind care based on the individual needs, interests, comforts, and preferences of our residents.  This type of personalized care takes dedication to deliver exactly what they need, when they need it, and correctly evaluating when their needs change.  It also means providing your parent with familiar comforts that will make them feel part of the community and well cared for. Aegis Living doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter approach to care, rather our staff assesses the needs of each person —both physically and emotionally—and creates a care plan to support and engage them.

If your loved one needs memory care, we have developed an innovative care program for residents with Alzheimer’s and memory loss to meet their unique needs. Our Life’s Neighborhood™ program is designed to help ease the symptoms of dementia and celebrate the life of the individual. Our dedicated memory care community is secured for your peace of mind and offers a more intimate setting to care for your parent.

Care Staff

Our highly-trained staff includes a licensed nurse to oversee the care of your mom or dad. Our compassionate care staff is available around-the-clock to assist with the healthcare needs, activities of daily living, and comfort of your parent.  Aegis Living strives to deliver the best quality geriatric care to every resident.  We have set high expectations for consistency of care by recruiting and retaining the most talented staff.  Our staff is trained with ongoing education and work tirelessly to provide exceptional care to enhance quality of life and bring peace of mind to your family.  

Social Activities

Research has shown that seniors who are isolated at home with little to no social interactioncan lead to early cognitive decline.  Aegis Living staff have seen the benefits of engaging our residents in a variety of activities that foster relationships among their neighbors and friends. Our Life Enrichment team take great care to create a daily calendar of innovative activities with a wide appeal.  These activities tap into our residents’ creative sides, bring them on interesting outings around their cities, and create unique interest groups.  Socializing is vital to your parent’s health and sense of well-being. Your parent will be active and engaged in our care.

Our Life Enrichment Directors are exceptionally skilled at introducing new residents within our communities.   Our staff actively get to know each resident and can pair them with others who they feel are compatible.  We understand that change can be difficult and our staff will take every opportunity to make your parent feel comfortable and included in their new home.

Chef-Prepared Cuisine

Aegis Living has an exceptional reputation in our industry for delivering delicious, seasonal cuisine to our residents.   Our chefs take pride in the presentation, taste, and quality of ingredients served at every meal.   At Aegis Living, our communities employ expert chefs who make meals that not only taste great but are visually appealing for our residents whose sense of smell or taste may have faded.   Our mealtimes are social events where our residents enjoy time with each other while getting nutritious meals to boost their immunity.  To keep our residents healthy and active, we offer snacks, smoothies, and beverages throughout the day to stimulate their appetites and keep them hydrated. Food has a central role of providing vital nutrition, as well as comfort to our residents.

Community Amenities

Each of our Aegis Living communities is unique in its style and design. But the one thing that each property has in common is the elegant decor and furnishings that is unexpected in senior housing.  Our attention to detail and design aesthetics when creating each community is not only for the comfort of our residents but to create a place of pride.  We offer amenities that rival some of the nicest condominiums, including state-of-the-art movie theaters, private dining rooms, sports dens, elegant lobbies with grand staircases, a concierge, workout rooms, crafts rooms, beauty salon, barbershop, and some locations have heated saltwater pools. We not only want to surprise and delight our residents with warm and elegant interiors but make your parent’s new home a welcoming place to share with friends and family.

At Aegis Living, we not only cherish each resident for the person they are today, but we honor them for their full and rich lives. Each resident is a multifaceted individual with unique talents, professional achievements, significant skills, earned wisdom, and gifts to share.  We look beyond the wheelchair that now confines the dancer, or the fashionista who needs help getting dressed each morning. We are genuinely curious about those we serve and encourage family members to share their stories.  At Aegis Living, we are committed to learning your parent’s full history and understanding their needs to make them feel at home. Knowing your parent’s life story will make their stay with us richer.

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