Our employees are the heart of senior care

A staff member's peck on the cheek seems to surprise an Aegis Living resident

Innovation, empowerment, and compassion for our staff is the DNA of our company culture. Aegis Living has worked hard at nurturing and refining an employee-centric company culture. We know the heart of our business is the people who lovingly care every day for our residents. We want our employees to feel that same level of care from Aegis Living – as their employer. Therefore, we are focused on attracting and retaining the best staff at every level within our company. We know that happy employees make for happy, well cared for residents.

How do we keep our employees happy and satisfied working for us?

We offer unique rewards. We have created innovative employee programs to reward our staff members for their countless hours of hard work, including a company-wide employee lottery for lifestyle, travel and cash giveaways; the annual Winterfest event that celebrates the holidays and supports staff with gifts for themselves and family members, and community fun committee celebrations for all staff to engage and enjoy together.   We support pride in our workplace, work-life balance, and innovative new ideas to honor our employees for their boundless energy and dedication. We take special care to appreciate the employees who have worked for Aegis Living from the start.

What separates Aegis Living as an employer for other companies in our industry?

We encourage career growth and carve out a path to success. Aegis Living invests in the long-term retention of our best staff members with clear channels for professional growthto move up the ladder and for employees to attain their personal goals. We commit that every employee will have the tools, training, and skills to do their job to the best of their ability. Each employee is also encouraged to be a part of the growth of Aegis Living by sharing their ideas to improve the company and how we care for residents. Every community has a Black Box where all employee recommendations and ideas are submitted.  These ideas are all reviewed, considered and recognized if implemented, allowing each employee to have ownership in the improvements at Aegis.

What is one of the measurements of our success as an employer?

We have been proud to receive several industry awards on behalf of our employees.We dedicate the repeated awards that we have won, such as Best Places to Work 2017 Employees’ Choice Award – Glassdoor and Best Workplaces by the Puget Sound Business Journal, to our devoted staff members. We are privileged to employ many employees who have been with our company from the beginning. We believe it is because of these dedicated individuals that we have been able to develop a unique company culture built on a solid foundation.

Don’t take our word for it, what do our employees say?

Our finest honor is to be appreciated by our employees.  Aegis Living is among the top-rated companies on Glassdoor.com, a global employer review website based on anonymous reviews by our current and previous employees. We are honored to be ranked as the #1 senior living company on Glassdoor.com by the overwhelmingly positive reviews from our staff. We are humbled to be ranked higher in employee satisfaction than much larger global companies who have the advantage of more resources. It’s our privilege to support and employ so many caring and compassionate people who treat our residents with dignity.

Explore our reviews on Glassdoor.com for yourself, here are a few examples of what our employees are saying:

  • “Where can you love the work you do and be loved for the work you do.”
  • “Hands down it’s the culture. People are positive, supportive and purpose-driven. It’s a diverse workplace that celebrates its people.“
  • “Aegis really does put employees first. The staff here really enjoy being at work every day, and the residents are so appreciative of what we do. It is fulfilling and rewarding to know that we are making a difference in the lives of our residents every day!”

What is the most important measurement of our success?

The approval of our residents and their families is the most important measure of our continued success.As a company, Aegis Living is dedicated to the happiness of our residents and the satisfaction of the families who we serve.  We regularly survey families to ask how we are doing in the communities and we are proud of the top marks we have received throughout the years.  We believe that the dedication and longevity of our staff who deliver care with consistency and compassion are why we have high approval ratings from our residents’ families.

There for you.

Our home office senior team, starting with our CEO and founder, Dwayne Clark, and each of our community directors are available to answer questions, receive feedback and discuss how we can improve.

Our company is based on service and the people who provide that service to our residents. We will never stop striving to make our communities a comfortable, secure place to live and a great place to work.   We are dedicated to our employees’ success, as we know that the loving care they provide to our residents is at the heart of all we do.  We know these goals go hand-in-hand.

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