Blue Moon Series – Aegis USO 2014 (Video)

(Mary Van Orman – Vice President of Sales) We’re having one of our Blue Moon Events for Aegis and it’s all focused on the USO, which is so appropriate because we have so many of our residents, male and female, who are veterans.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) In fact we have over 100 residents that we are honoring today for their past service, which is amazing.

(Dalen Newton – IT Technician) The best thing for this event is to get their stories.  I think since I’ve served it means a lot more to me now than it would have if I hadn’t served.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) The first thing that people with dementia will notice is that their short-term memory will fade, but their long-term memories are more ingrained.  That’s why an event like this is so important to jarring someone’s memory and in helping them remember what happened.

(Don Leingang – Executive Director USO NW) You walk in and you see people of all ages wearing uniforms and Dixie cup hats and clapping.  All of a sudden I think they’re a little bit transformed into what it was like when they first heard that music in the 1940s and 1950s.

(Brenda Dodd – Marketing Director Aegis of Issaquah) What we’re doing is we’re jumping into their memory.  Maybe they don’t remember their children’s names but they remember every word to the songs we’re going to be singing, and all the steps.  I was just dancing with a gentleman, and there are things he doesn’t remember, but he remembers every step to whatever dance we were doing.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) We’re going to have a slide show with everyone who has served.  It will be wonderful for the children of those people to remember their parents that way and to honor them today.

(Aegis Resident and Family) It’s been fun because we have four generations here together.  Now with our newest little one we’re adding a few more good memories.

(Dalen Newton – IT Technician) Everything about this event is vintage; you have Bob Hope here (Bob Hope Impersonator, “And here I am.”) You have the old music, and big bands.

(Mary Van Orman – Vice President of Sales)  We had some dancers here, and some of the residents got up and did the dancing with them.  To see them moving fluidly when it’s not always easy was really a beautiful thing.  The most impressive thing to see today however was when they did the Color Guard.  To see all of our residents, who struggle some times to walk, to stand up, unasked, to salute or put their hands over their hearts, was very special.

(Chris Corrigall – Vice President Life Enrichment)  These events take 4 or 5 months of preparation and we talk to a lot of different people and we try to find a theme that is going to be all encompassing and something different.

(Dwayne Clark –  Founder & CEO) It’s pretty rare for a senior housing company to go to these lengths, and extremes to evoke those great historical memories for people, and really allow people to celebrate their pasts.  What we’re trying to do is create a supreme value for our residents that puts us above any of our competitors and I think we’ve accomplished that.  We’ll continue to strive to do even bigger and better things.

(Mary Van Orman – Vice President of Sales) Our goal is to address the quality of life and to live life to the fullest no matter what stage you are in your life.

(Chris Corrigall – Vice President Life Enrichment)  I feel like I have the best job in the world to be involved with something like this.

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