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Aegis Living – TED Talks

Posted by Aegis Living

Published on Dec 3, 2014

Aegis Living introduces TED Talks to our residents. See how you can dive deeper into almost any topic or current issue with a world of inspirational lectures.

Artie: So, today’s TEDTalk is about unique recycling. What comes to mind? Robert?

Robert: A lot of computer-related things.

Artie: TED Talks is for people of all ages. It has to do with Technology, Education, and Design, and that covers anything that you would want to talk about with the residents.

Carolyn: I’m very shy. You know, couldn’t talk or anything because I was so shy. But, now I’m talking like, I don’t know, gabbing too much.

Artie: And you still have connections there.

Artie: That social interaction is so important for all ages, not just seniors. It gives everyone an opportunity to either learn something new, or an opportunity to share the information that they spent their entire life as an expert in.

Doris: It becomes your family. So, every morning you wake up, you go down and see your family. I enjoy that.