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Posted by Aegis Living

Published on Dec 3, 2014

At Aegis Living, staying in touch with friends and family has never been easier. Here’s a simple illustration of how technology can help bridge the generations and bring a family just a little closer.

Allen: Hey.

Grandpa: Yeah, hi Allen.

Allen: Hey, how are you doing Grandpa?

Grandpa: Hey, great to see you.

Allen: Yeah, you too.

Grandpa: How’s school going?

Allen: So, we’re doing a project where we have to create our own island, a make believe island.

Grandpa: Are you into any athletics this year?

Allen: Yeah, we have a really good ultimate frisbee team this year.


Grandpa: Hey Andre, how are you doing?

Andre: Good.

Grandpa: Would you like to visit France someday?

Andre: Yeah, It’s cool.


Allen: It’s been really good and we have a great team.

Grandpa: It’s good to talk to you and see your friends.


Andre: Bye Grandpa.

Grandpa: And I’ll be seeing you so goodbye and be a good boy.

Andre: Bye Grandpa.