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Posted by Aegis Living

Published on Dec 3, 2014

At Aegis Living, we seek to expand your world. Take a scenic drive with us to a natural wonder and discover the possibilities.

Adam: Well, today, we’re going to one of the most iconic areas in the Seattle area, Snoqualmie Falls. It’s very majestic and peaceful. We love the falls because in Seattle, we’re so close to nature, and again, it’s a part of who our residents are.

Faith: To go for a drive in the countryside, it’s so beautiful. It makes you feel stronger. Oh the falls were beautiful, and the wind picking up the spray and the spray coming down, it was just gorgeous. It does something for my soul.

Adam: I think that one of the things that Aegis Living does, is it really tries to not focus on what kind of medications can make you feel better, but what kind of experiences can make you feel better. The world is our oyster. We are limitless here at Aegis Living, so we don’t let anything hold us back.

Faith: I enjoy the outside. I’d much rather be outside than inside.