Aegis Living residents bring a wealth of talent and enthusiasm to their communities as they share through volunteer projects that bring hope, enrich lives and truly make a difference.  Here is just one of the many examples of how our residents live purposeful lives, giving back to their community.

Margaret: Can I borrow your pins for a minute, Barbara? My name is Margaret. I am 101. I like doing this because I feel that I’m accomplishing something for somebody else.

Rob: We’re trying to improve lives around us in the general community. And by doing that, we know we’ll improve lives within the community. And purpose is the key factor for staying alive longer.

Margaret: Put a label on this one.

Rob: We’ve have a relationship with the organization Childhaven.

Bonnie: These kids in the beginning of their lives are going through so many transitions and experiencing so many big problems. In order for us to run our center, we need so many different things and one of those things are blankets.

Rob: We have this group of relative strangers who’ve said, “We’re committing to you. We’re gonna pay attention to you. We care about you.” Enough to want to spend hours and hours creating warmth in a blanket.

Bonnie: To have these women come in and give them something, that’s an act of their love, is just so amazing.

Barbara: It’s giving that really makes you feel good. Thinking about somebody else.

Beverly: When you see their eyes light up? That’s the reward.

Bonnie: Which blanket would you like today?

Rob: There’s great hope that’s built by creating these blankets for those children. To know that there is love that is out there in the world I think we’ll set them in the right course.

Barbara: Made with love, by the residents at Aegis Living.

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