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Posted by Aegis Living

Published on Dec 3, 2014

Daily exercise is not only essential for our bodies but it also boosts spirit and mind. Aegis Living offers a variety of activities for our residents to improve their strength, coordination and balance for healthy aging.  Take a look at just one example of the types of exercise classes we offer our residents at Aegis Living.

Kari: So, shoulders go up and down.

A lot of things happen when you see a resident start on a new exercise program. Their mental acuities go up, their balance, their strength, their self-confidence. Their overall quality of life improves.

My name’s Kari Armour, and I’m the Wellness and Fitness Director over at Aegis.

Why do I like working with them? It’s so rewarding. I mean, helping people, even on the smallest scale, is just, it’s great.

Dolores: I feel as though I’m getting stronger. I’m able to go out to shopping centers again. When I came in, I came in with a walker and oxygen, and I am free of both of those things now. Now I can even crawl on the floor with my grandchildren. It’s a great feeling because I always wanted to be the young grandmother, and then I had a terrible bout of lung cancer and I thought, “Well, I guess that dream’s gone.” But it’s back again.

Together: Aegis!

Kari: I say wellness is living long and living strong, and Aegis Living helps facilitate that.