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Aegis Living Dream Big Lotto – Dwayne Clark

Posted by Aegis Living

Published on Sep 23, 2015

With the Dream Big Lottery, Aegis Living CEO Dwayne Clark has found a new way to reward employee loyalty. On September 15, 2015, Clark (pictured left) gave away $50,000 to several long-term employees, one in particular. 45-year-old Aegis of Aptos (California) care manager Irene won the Grand Prize and a check for $35,000. In this video you’ll see her reaction. Company President Judy Meleliat (right) served as emcee. Aegis Living operates assisted living communities in the Western United States.

Judy: Let’s do this. Let do this. Hello, Aegis. Hello, Aegis out there.

Dwayne: Hello, Aegis?

Audience: Hello Aegis.

Dwayne: It’s Dream Big day.

Judy: Here we are at the home office.

Dwayne: Here we are at the home office. I’m Dwayne.

Dwayne: And it’s lottery day.

Judy: I’m Judy.

Dwayne: What is this Dream Big all about?

Judy: Well, this Dream Big is about a great new employee benefit.

Dwayne: We’re here for an employee lottery, the first ever Aegis lottery. Life changing money. Fifty thousand dollars will be given away today. Fifteen, count it, 15, $1,000 winners, and one $35,000 winner. In order to be eligible for this lottery drawing you have to have been with the company for a minimum of three years. You can only win once.

Judy: Okay. Let’s get going.

Dwayne: It’s the time for protective gear, Judy.

Judy: Yes. Wally is getting into the glass booth, and he has accounted for all of the tickets. Wow, that’s a lot of tickets.

Dwayne: And the winner is, for $1,000, Aegis of Edmonds. And the winner is Deb G.

Judy: Wowee, is there any air in there?

Dwayne: From Aegis of Napa, Napa are you ready?

Audience: Yes, Napa.

Dwayne: Elizabeth S. This is the Aegis of Shoreline. Ronaldo P.

Judy: Ronaldo. Yeah, Ronaldo.

Dwayne: From Carmichael, Melissa B, Sophia N.

Judy: Sophia.

Dwayne: Number 15, this is the last one. Oh, this is an Aegis of Aptos. This winner…

Judy: Yeah.

Dwayne: …is for Romina M.

Judy: Romino. Let’s give it up.

Dwayne: Okay.

Judy: This is it.

Dwayne: Thirty-five thousand dollars is a big check. It is and I’m proud to announce, that Irene has won it. Thank you guys for all that you do, all your hard work, we very much appreciate it. We plan on doing this every year and making it bigger and better just for you. So thank you so much.