Aegis Living Blue Moon Series – Back to Woodstock

600 Aegis Living residents, employees and families attend the Back to Woodstock event, the second event in the Blue Moon Series for 2013. Attendees enjoyed classic tunes from the 60s, bbq, face painting, dancing and singing all in their hippie attire and tie dye shirts. Just one example of how Aegis treats all of their residents with the dignity and respect they deserve. All while having a great time.

Judy: So we have this idea. And in the summertime, what do you like to do? You like to listen to music, you like to be outside, you like to eat some barbecue. But at Aegis, we don’t just have ideas. We have ideas where we wrap themes around it. So we thought, what could be better than Senior Woodstock?

Doug: This is Aegis Woodstock. We are reliving the ’60s and ’70s. We’ve been tie-dyeing. Staff and even some residents were out painting our buses.

Dwayne: At Aegis one of the things that we really get tired of is the stereotypical activities that you see with residents. The bingos and the birthday parties and those kinds of things. People deserve fun at every age. You think back to Woodstock in 1969. We wanted to take them back to that time. So bring some joy and happiness.

Judy: The residents are loving it. They’re dancing, they’re shaking the tambourines, and laughing. Laughing at all hippies.

Resident: We were all put back in time, to feel the love all over again. Oh, the music was terrific.

Daughter: It was great to see my mom out here having a good time. And her friends, who she has met, feel the love.

Dwayne: We’re trying to get people out, in the great weather, in the summer. Have them get some fresh air. Have them dance, oxygenate their body.

Doug: I think as people come back tonight we’ll feel a little closer to each other. They’ve experienced something very unique.

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