September 18th Update

Families Show Our Ventura Community Some Love!

Taking care of your loved ones is an honor and privilege that we are grateful for every day. It’s humbling and touching to see the gratitude pouring in for our staff. Earlier this week, our Ventura community’s staff was surprised with a drive-by appreciation parade organized by the families of the residents in the community. It warms our hearts and fills us with joy to know that we are making a difference in the lives of so many. We’re proud of the passion our staff brings to their work and their dedication to making every resident and family feel cared for and loved. Thank you to the families of Ventura for making our staff feel so appreciated!

Ventura Car Parade

Where We Stand Today

Every day in our communities we are doing everything we can to protect our residents from the virus. It’s our priority to keep our staff and residents healthy and safe. This week we are managing five positive Covid-19 cases in our communities. We are happy to report that none of our 2,200 residents are affected. The current 5 cases are amid our 2,500 staff members in three of our California communities – Moraga, Ventura, and Corte Madera. We always do consistent and rigorous contact tracing and testing to control the spread and protect our residents and staff. We are in constant contact with our families and residents as transparency is very important to us. In addition, we continue to exceed CDC protocols. For additional helpful information for your family, please visit our Expert & Family Resources page.

How We’re Preparing for Flu Season

With the Autumn months comes flu season, and at Aegis Living we are ready for it. Preparations are underway for staff and residents, and we are fully stocked with plenty of PPE materials to protect us this Fall. In October, we will be providing flu vaccines to all residents and staff on-site for their convenience. Each of our communities will communicate directly with resident families about the timing and logistics of the flu vaccinations. If you have any questions, please contact your community’s General Manager for details and exact timing.