October 16th Update

Where We Stand Today: Four Weeks with Zero Resident Cases Company-wide

We are committed to keeping you updated on where we stand with coronavirus cases. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have implemented and followed the protocols, guidelines and expert advice that protects our residents and staff from COVID-19. As a result of this diligence across the company, in any given week company-wide, we remain 99% free of the coronavirus. That is among all our 2,200 residents and our 2,500 employees. This week, we are grateful to share that we have zero across all our staff and residents as of today. We remain humble and believe that a single case is one too many. So, our teams continue to work hard to find new ways to better keep residents happy and healthy.

For more resources and information from the CDC visit our Expert & Family Resources page.

Introducing Starkel Nutrition!

Starkel Nutrition Image

We know how critical it is to make sure food is not only filled with the best flavors, but the best nutrients as well. With that, we’re excited and proud to announce a new partnership with Starkel Nutrition, a Seattle-based team of nutritionists that will help our residents nurture overall wellness of the mind and body. We believe our residents will not only appreciate the added support, but that they will love the new fall menus arriving this month too. Along with Starkel Nutrition’s guidance, our chefs are incorporating more foods into our menus that reduce inflammation, as well as offering more variety in terms of gluten-free, plant-based, and heart healthy options. 

Re-vitalizing Residents with a Vintage Drive-Thru Car Show

Bringing our residents joy is always our top priority – we love seeing them smile. We’ve been keeping our communities busy with fun activities that spark happiness. This week at Aegis Living Ventura, our amazing staff organized a drive-thru vintage car show. Featuring cars from almost every decade, the show wowed our residents and brought back lots of fond memories. Residents lined the sidewalks outside our building to watch all the cars parade down the street. It was especially fun for the many car enthusiasts in our community.