May 7th Update

Where We Stand

We are happy to report that we have zero cases among our 2,200 residents and just one case among our 2,500 staff members. We have seen case numbers rapidly decline since completing our vaccination clinics. As of today, 94% of residents and 89% of team members have been fully vaccinated.

Last week, our communities received updated guidance related to communal dining and activities for long-term care that aligns with the recent CDC recommendations. These changes reflect the continuing progression toward a more normal experience for all of our residents. Fully vaccinated residents may now eat together at the same table and we have more flexibility with group activities. While we will continue to approach changes cautiously, we are so happy that step by step life in our community is looking much more normal and residents are able to enjoy spending time with their friends.

If you have questions, we encourage you to visit trusted sources like the CDC website for more in-depth medical information.