May 29th Update

It’s been a terrific week at Aegis Living as we look ahead to the coming weeks to evolve from sheltering-in-place to socializing safely, slowly and surely. We will be providing consistent updates on this page regarding our evolution and we are communicating directly with families and residents alike.

The dedication of our staff and management to stick to safety protocols and prevention has continued to show promising results to contain the spread of the virus. Currently, we are pleased to report that we still have only one resident amid nearly 2,000 company-wide who has tested positive with the virus at this time and five staff members who are home.  This is total amid our 32 communities and 2,500 staff members. These cases are being managed in the communities of Kent, Aegis Living Kirkland, Pleasant Hill, Granada Hills and Fremont.

We continue to conduct contact tracing testing – identifying and testing those staff or residents that may potentially have been in contact with a positive person in the community, as part of our rapid response culture. Plus, we are maintaining our Enhanced Sanitation and Protection Protocols that continue to help us control the spread of the virus, including asking our residents to wear a surgical mask each time they leave their apartments.

We also have new resources to support families and neighbors during these uncertain times.

New Expert and Family Resources

We encourage everyone to further explore our website to see Our COVID-19 Response pages and learn more about our protocols, plus link directly to great resources to help keep your family safe. Included on our updated site are some of the hero stories from our frontline employees. Each day they are working to bring happiness to each resident in our communities. Their tireless commitment to entertain, engage, raise energy and draw smiles is undaunted and inspiring.

We will be adding much more to these webpages as we grow our expertise and prepare for the future with coronavirus and any other unknown threats. Our goal is to share our expertise and promote wellness in those we serve directly and indirectly.

This is how we LOVE to Shock and Awe!

Last week the Life Enrichment team at Aegis Living Kirkland hatched a delightful idea for an ice cream truck delivery to surprise their residents with cold treats, music and a happy hello! They came up with the clever idea in the morning and had executed the whole plan by that afternoon, including building the truck using a shopping cart, cardboard, and a cooler. We always encourage our teams to find creative ways to keep their residents engaged and supported. This story is a wonderful example of thinking outside the box to bring joy door-to-door while safely practicing social distancing. You can tell by the residents’ faces that they loved the sweet surprise and hope to have this special ice cream delivery every week!