March 26th Update

A Week Full of Family Visits & Reopening Activities

Our hearts are full after a week of family reunions with indoor, in-person visits and a variety of other activities now approved across all Aegis Living communities. Residents and families couldn’t be happier to be together again. In addition to our small group activities and distanced dining, many of our communities are also beginning to offer activities like salon services, scenic drives and more. Mandatory quarantines have also been lifted for vaccinated residents who are just moving into an Aegis community. While we are all enjoying these moments of joy and happiness, we continue to take every precaution to make sure that we reopen our communities safely and responsibly.

family hug

Where We Stand Today

This week we are managing one case among our 2,200 residents and one case among our 2,500 staff members across California, Nevada, and Washington. Our teams are to thank for the extremely low case count, as they continue to diligently follow CDC guidelines, including social distancing, sanitation practices and consistent use of masks. In addition, as of this week, 96% of residents and 85% of staff are already vaccinated.

During this transitional time, we are continuing to follow our infection control and safety practices until we are certain it is safe for us to begin adopting new practices and protocols. If you have questions, we encourage you to review our Frequently Asked Questions and visit trusted sources like the CDC website for more in-depth medical information.

Recognizing Our Team & Residents

Normally we wouldn’t celebrate an advertising campaign, but last year was far from normal. Aegis recently won an Aging Media Network award for COVID-19 Messaging & Communication and this award goes to our team and our residents that made it possible. While our communities were closed to outside visitors and photographers, our teams took out their phones and cameras and our residents invited them in to capture moments of joy and happiness for the world to see.

If you haven’t had a chance to see some of our recent videos, take a moment to enjoy a few like DancingSKA Time, and Spray It