March 25th Update

During these uncertain times, our focus remains on caring for the health of our residents: body, mind, and spirit.

To that end, we will be extending community-wide isolation at all Aegis Living communities, in line with the shelter-in-place guidelines issued in both Washington and California.

We know how important fresh air and movement is for everyone’s health. We are creating a safe way to get residents outdoors at least every other day; every resident will be accompanied by a team member to ensure proper safety precautions and sanitation practices.

Our Life Enrichment team continues to find new and creative ways to bring fun to each day. The team at Aegis Living Mercer Island worked with residents to create a lighthearted music video titled, Oh Corona.  We hope this brings a smile to your face like it did for us.

We can successfully focus on keeping our residents healthy and happy because of the dedicated staff that continue to come to work each day, despite the realities around them. They are our heroes and we have been working hard to take care of them as they take care of others. From free meals for staff and their families to childcare support, we are exploring every option to be there for them during this time.

Aegis Living Marymoor welcomed another resident back from the hospital – we are so happy to have them return home. We were also pleased to report that six residents previously diagnosed with COVID-19 have fully recovered. They will remain in quarantine with all residents at Aegis Living Marymoor.  

After a staff member tested positive at Aegis Living Madison last week, the team worked with local health officials to review our heightened protocols. The officials applauded our expanded efforts not only with residents, but also the regular screening and PPE precautions we are taking with staff. We have no other confirmed cases of the coronavirus at Aegis Living Madison at this time.

Our infection control protocols and practices across all communities continue to meet or exceed the latest guidance from both the CDC and local health officials.