March 20th Update

While every day this week has brought new developments and updates around the coronavirus, residents and staff are starting to settle in and find some rhythm and calm, without losing sight of finding joy and fun in their days.

We rolled out another episode of Aegis Live, our new Aegis-produced online program. Today’s episode featured a duet by two talented music therapists singing a “Little Help from My Friends,” trivia, birthday celebrations and more. Residents are enjoying seeing the Life Enrichment team having fun and bantering on-camera.

With the mandated shelter in place in California, we know many of you may be wondering about our staff here at Aegis Living. We are fortunate to have a dedicated team that is committed to being onsite each day to provide residents with compassionate care and attention. We continue to implement close screenings for the health and well-being of our entire staff. No one will come to work if they aren’t feeling well or are showing any early symptoms of illness. We are also working to provide team members with schedule flexibility and childcare support during this time.

Aegis Living Marymoor welcomed back a resident from the hospital that previously tested positive for coronavirus but now tests negative. We are so grateful her health is improving, and she can return to the community and be with her husband again. We had two residents who went to the hospital for medical reasons this week test positive for coronavirus. They will remain there for treatment until they improve. Knowing how challenging these times can be, we’ve had a social worker onsite this week to provide additional support for our families. The community continues to navigate each day with grace and strength.

We remain connected with families through regular updates on our Family Link app, sharing photos and details on resident’s daily activities. Sharing these regular moments of joy help them feel comforted through the uncertain times.