March 13th Update

Every day, even hour brings new updates on coronavirus. Today, as the President proclaimed a national emergency and elevated our country’s response to coronavirus, we remain vigilant and confident that we are doing everything possible to limit infection and keep our residents and staff healthy.

Washington State

We implemented our first day of our voluntary community-wide isolation at all Washington communities. Everyone is adjusting well with in-room dining, frequent visits from our care staff, and customized daily activities provided directly to residents by our Life Enrichment team. Knowing how important frequent communication is, we’re working closely with residents and their loves ones to connect by phone or video link.

We are checking our residents and staff vitals daily, including temperatures and oxygen saturation levels. As is our standard practice, if any resident exhibits symptoms or other signs of illness, we will quickly get them the medical attention they need.

A topic we know continues to be on your mind is how it’s decided if residents are tested. The Department of Health and the CDC ask that testing for residents originates through their primary care physicians. We will continue to work with residents and families to support testing, as needed.  

We continue to support Aegis Living of Marymoor, our only community with confirmed cases of the coronavirus. We are providing this community with additional staff and resources and closely following guidance provided by the CDC and public health officials. We are monitoring residents and staff and have tested a number selected by the CDC per their guidelines. To date, we have seven residents that tested negative and eleven that tested positive for coronavirus. All are currently in the community and doing well.  We also had three test staff members test positive with all of them recovering at home.

No other Washington community has reported cases of coronavirus.

California and Nevada

Our California and Nevada communities continue to limit non-essential community visits and residents are doing well and having fun with new programs and Life Enrichment activities.

Our guidelines on re-admissions for residents returning from the hospital or another place of care have evolved to prioritize resident safety. For any resident that needs to be sent out of the community for medical treatment (e.g. doctor’s offices, urgent care, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities or other medical facilities,) they will be required to complete a 14-day isolation in their apartment upon return to the community. Any resident in isolation can expect special attention from our staff, including meals and activity packets delivered to their room and frequent visits from our care team.

We have no reported cases of coronavirus in California or Nevada.