March 11th Update

We are tracking closely the changing landscape we all are experiencing with the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19.  It requires us all to be nimble and responsive. See below for the latest updates on communities

Washington State

Yesterday, Washington Governor Jay Inslee and the Department of Health announced new guidelines for senior care and assisted living facilities. We are pleased to report that we need very few changes to our current policies, which meet or exceed the State’s new protocols.

While we have already asked families to refrain from non-essential visits, the new rules require that only one adult may visit a resident each day. We understand it can be difficult to limit the time family spends together, but this remains critical to our efforts to protect your loved one, and all of our residents from infection. We will continue to use our sign-in system, Accushield, to track resident visitors each day. We ask that you help us follow this protocol and refrain from all non-essential visits, and if a visit is essential, only have one adult family member visit per day. Any essential visits will need to take place in the resident’s room, rather than common areas.

We continue to ensure appropriate social distancing with our daily life enrichment activities and during mealtimes for residents. We remain vigilant in our sanitation practices throughout the community and in enlisting daily more stringent monitoring of our residents.

Diligently monitoring of our staff for their health and wellbeing also remains a top priority. As part of the new guidelines, each member of our staff is participating in daily health screenings, and they continue to wear personal protective equipment when appropriate with residents.

We have no new reported cases of coronavirus. Aegis Living Marymoor remains the single Aegis community in full isolation given their three confirmed cases of the coronavirus. They are working closely with the CDC and local health officials to support and protect the residents and staff members through our enhanced safety protocols that focus on fervent sanitation and closely watching the health and wellness of all in the community. 

California and Nevada

As noted in our update yesterday, we are asking all family members to reconsider visiting their Aegis Living community and refrain from taking residents offsite while also implementing several other precautionary measures.

Aegis Living has no reported cases of coronavirus in California or Nevada.

The importance of holistic care

As always, we are looking at new ways we can care for each resident holistically, especially during this time. Our culinary team has been hard at work to provide immune-boosting and nourishing foods and drinks. We are adding a new bone broth soup to the menu, and we are encouraging residents to drink our signature ginger tea. We are developing new digitally-based activities and fun programs to keep residents active and connected while practicing social distancing. More to come soon on these!   

Our thoughts and prayers remain with our families, staff and residents impacted, as well as the many impacted by the virus across the nation.