June 5th Update

As we enter June, we are faced with both new and continuous challenges. At Aegis Living, we recognize the impacts of racial injustice, and we stand firmly with anyone who suffers from it. In our company, our teams fight an hourly battle against COVID-19, and every day, in each community we work hard to serve and protect our seniors. It takes amazing people to succeed. And that’s what we believe we have — amazing, beautiful people. Throughout our company we celebrate diversity in age, race, religion and sexual orientation. And we’re working tirelessly to nurture the safety and wellbeing of each and every one.

Where We Stand Today

This week we are happy and humbled to report that as of today, we do not have a single case of Covid-19 amid any of our 2,000 residents at our 32 communities. And we are pleased to also report that amid our 2,500 staff members we have only four currently recovering at home. These cases are being managed in the communities of Kent, Aegis Living Kirkland and Pleasant Hill.

The dedication of our staff and management to stick to safety protocols and prevention has continued to result in containment of the spread of the virus. We also continue to conduct contact tracing testing – identifying and testing those staff or residents that may potentially have been in contact with a positive person in the community, as part of our rapid response culture. We are continuing to maintain our Enhanced Sanitation and Protection Protocols.

In Washington State, the department of health is now requiring that we offer complete universal testing for all of our memory care residents and staff. We are working with the state and complying with these new requirements and we will be notifying family members via email as testing gets underway. We remain dedicated in our efforts to keep everyone safe and informed, and we will be sure to alert our residents, their families and the staff of any positive cases that are a result of the universal testing.

Proudly Introducing: Our Coronavirus Advisory Council

This week, we proudly announced the creation of the Aegis Living Coronavirus Advisory Council, a group comprised of renowned physicians and experts from some of the nation’s leading medical and research institutions whose expertise is critical to the health of our senior residents and our staff members.

The Covid-19 pandemic has reinforced the urgent need to provide leading-edge care for our most vulnerable citizens. As one of the nation’s top providers of assisted living and memory care services we recognize the long-term effects of the virus on the safety, health and wellness of our residents, families and caregivers. Aegis is taking bold, new steps guided by this new advisory council to keep our residents and staff safe and healthy during this unprecedented health crisis and beyond.

For over 20 years, Aegis Living has used clinical experts to help develop and inform our high standards, practices and approaches to exceptional resident care. The new council will extend this expertise even further to prepare for today and well into the future. They will meet regularly starting in July 2020.

The council is launching with the following seven members representing epidemiology, immunology, geriatrics, psychology, naturopathy and more. Meet the team!

council grid image

You can learn more about each of the council members and plans for the council on our website. We have dedicated a page on our Covid-19 response website to all of the developments, news and plans that our new advisory council is working on and we encourage you to visit it for more information and continuous updates.