June 26th Update

It has been a busy month for everyone and we hope everyone is staying healthy and safe as we approach the end of June. Last week we had great success in our Father’s Day celebrations across all 32 Aegis Living communities. Residents enjoyed a delicious curated menu and BBQ’s, a special photography book gift for all our dads and male residents, plus gifts and cards dropped off by families. Everyone was loving the festivities.

Taking it Outside

Just in time for Father’s Day celebrations, our new Outdoor Living Rooms are a huge hit for families to enjoy face-to-face time for the first time in months. The reunions were emotional and joyous! All of our communities have created these living rooms, custom designed with epidemiologists, for family and friend visits in gorgeous spaces with large plexiglass panels for their safety. This has been a highly important and successful step in our reopening process.

We are continuing to slowly move forward with our reopening plan and small group activities. Last weekend also marked the Summer Solstice and some communities organized walking groups to enjoy the sunshine and some fresh air, like our Queen Anne Rodgers Park community pictured below. We are cautious in our activity attempts and continue to prioritize masks and safety protocols throughout these gatherings.

Where We Stand

We are pleased to report that our coronavirus cases remain unchanged companywide. We have zero new cases anywhere within Aegis Living. In total, we currently still have only six positive cases among our nearly 2,500 staff members and 2,200 residents. Our Granada Hills community is almost clear, and all six people are in recovery. The staff members remain home, and residents remain safely in their apartments. Meanwhile, we continue to maintain our high level of safety protocols throughout all our communities and we will remain diligent and humble in our efforts to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Celebrating PRIDE Month

June is PRIDE Month! With so much going on in the world and large gatherings canceled, we haven’t been able to celebrate PRIDE Month in the usual fun and vibrant fashion we would like to. At Aegis Living, we are so proud and honored to have diverse team members and residents alike. We believe our diversity is what makes us a stronger and better organization. We want everyone in our communities to feel seen, loved and always appreciated as we work to promote a culture of belonging and inclusivity. Kent Marketing Director, Vince Wadsworth-Stansbury, says it best, “At Aegis Living, we celebrate diversity every day!  Every team member is appreciated for who they are and what they bring to the table.  From our leadership team, staff members and our residents, it is in the fabric of our culture and who we are as a company.” We love you Vince! And all our LGBTQ community members.