June 12th Update

Another week of Zero Resident Cases of Covid-19 Companywide

It’s been an exciting week of innovation in our company as our teams work to keep our safety record at the highest level – which is one case short of perfection amid our 4,500 people made up of 2,000 residents and 2,500 staff with a near perfect record and a brand new innovation.

We are happy and humbled to report that again, this week, we have no positive cases of coronavirus amid any of our residents in any of our 32 communities. And we wrap this week with only one positive case of a staff member, the first case in Granada Hills. As always, we conduct our contact tracing in a community effected as part of our rapid response culture for infection control. Meanwhile, we continue to maintain Enhanced Sanitation and Protection Protocols.

Our Safe and Sure Reopening Plan

In preparation to align with easing state restrictions, we’ve created a comprehensive 5-stage Reopening Plan that exceeds CDC, state and federal regulations, and local health departments. The plan provides a framework for easing current restrictions and gradually phasing in additional experiences and services for our residents. The reopening process will unfold in phases and will specifically address personal protective equipment, dining, activities, visitors, and additional services. Each phase will last about two weeks with a pause between each to confirm there are no cases of coronavirus. The plan varies slightly from community to community. The reopening plan begins in all 32 of our communities on June 15th.

Introducing: Our Exclusive Outdoor Living Room Experience!
outdoor living room
Aegis Living West Seattle, WA

Getting back together! As part of our reopening plan we are proud to debut our newest innovation, our exclusive Outdoor Living Rooms. Our brightest minds in design have partnered with epidemiologists to craft safe custom living room spaces in all 32 communities, for families to gather and visit with residents in person. Each Outdoor Living Room will have clear sealed dividing walls made of plexiglass, and standing about 7-feet tall, to separate the seating areas and prevent potential virus exposure. We completely understand how difficult it has been for our residents and their families to be apart for so long and during such uncertain times. So now, visit, get your selfies and enjoy! All Outdoor Living Room Experiences allow for two visitors at a time and are scheduled with the community staff.

Shoreline Outdoor Living Room
Outdoor Living Room Aegis Living Shoreline, WA