July 17th Update

This Week

While maintaining safe environments for our residents, we’ve also been creative in the ways we’re safely reuniting our residents with their loved ones. Aegis communities are cautiously beginning to reopen social spaces within a comprehensive, five-phase plan to carefully phase in services, activities, and dining. Each phase listed below will be carried out for at least two weeks and we’ll host controlled pilots of key activities before programs are implemented across all 32 communities.

  • Phase 1: Limited Internal Opening with Physical Distancing
  • Phase 2: Limited Ancillary Services
  • Phase 3: Limited Visitors
  • Phase 4: Expanded Activities and Services
  • Phase 5: Expanded Dining and Visitation

Phase 1 is being initiated on a community-by-community basis and in accordance with state reopening orders and city and county directives. Please contact your community general manager with any questions.

Six Feet Apart Never Felt So Close

We are dedicated to safely reconnecting residents with loved ones and are doing so by utilizing our Living Room Experience and diligently enforcing social distancing. This week, residents Sandy and Bert celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in our “Living Room Experience.” The two had not been able to see each other for 106 days prior to their anniversary due to the pandemic. It’s moments like these that warm our hearts and inspire our dedication to bring residents together again.

Celebrating at Vegas

Where We Stand Today

We remain diligent in our infection control and safety protocols at each community. We are pleased to report that Aegis Living communities have remained more than 99% clear of coronavirus company-wide since the beginning of the pandemic. As of today, we have 13 positive cases among staff and residents. Of our nearly 2,200 residents, currently two residents have tested positive, and there are eleven positives out of our 2,500 staff members. The communities that are currently managing these positive cases are in California: Shadowridge, Carmichael, and Laguna Niguel. In Washington state: Aegis Lodge, Aegis on Madison, Rodgers Park and Kent all have a single positive case in each.

We are performing contact tracing testing to track down any further exposure and our teams are exercising the highest infection control processes and testing broadly with no further positive results to date. As we mentioned in our Commitment video last week, we are committed to staying transparent with the communities we serve. We are intent on not letting our foot off the gas pedal when it comes to taking every possible precaution to ensure we do not expose our residents or our employees to the virus.