July 10th Update

Our Commitment

We’re excited to debut a high-level view of the company-wide commitments to advance our resident care and operations during COVID-19. These commitments span all aspects of our organization: from leadership and operations, to nutrition and care. Aegis Living has several core strategies to redefine safe and happy living amidst the pandemic.

We understand there is continued uncertainty as coronavirus cases rise nationwide, and we understand the worries and pressures families endure these days. That is why we’re leaning into the pandemic in a variety of ways. Aegis Living has made commitments to how we will move forward and we’ve collected them for you to see.  The commitments and strategies include: our Coronavirus Advisory Council, appointing a Chief Infection Control Officer, sponsoring a research study in partnership with Fred Hutchinson, continuous COVID-19 training across all our teams, and more. Some initiatives have been rolled out and some are well into development. See it all in this short 2 ½ minute video.

commitment video image

Reviews of Outdoor Living Room Experience

Meantime, rave reviews are coming in from residents and families using our specially designed Outdoor Living Rooms. Approved by infectious disease experts, they have continued to be a huge success in bringing families safely together with their loved ones. Each of our 32 communities has created a uniquely beautiful outdoor space for families to meet face to face after so many months of being apart. Our outdoor living rooms have comfortable furnishings in lovely outdoor settings, and all have a large plexiglass wall to limit any chance of exposure while families visit. Contact your neighborhood Aegis Living to learn more.

Where We Stand Today

Aegis is proud to have remained more than 99% clear of coronavirus company-wide since the beginning of the pandemic. As of today, we have 14 positive cases among staff and residents. Of our nearly 2,200 residents, currently only three have tested positive, and 11 positives from our 2,500 staff members. We are working hard to get that number back to zero and we are continuing our contact tracing testing protocols to prevent any further spread of the virus. The communities that are currently managing these positive cases are in California: Granada Hills, Corte Madera, Shadowridge and Carmichael.  In Washington state: Aegis Lodge, Aegis on Madison and Kent all have a single positive case in each. We are happy to report that our cases remain so low despite both Washington and California seeing significant increases in overall new cases over these last two weeks. This week, California reported its highest number of new cases in a single day since the beginning of the crisis: 9,500. Many other states are seeing the same.  It’s a stark reminder that all of us need to remain incredibly vigilant in sticking closely to our infection control protocols, ensuring we’re taking every possible precaution to ensure we don’t expose our residents, our teams or ourselves to the virus. 

Our vulnerable residents, their families and our team members are counting on each of us to always do the right thing – follow CDC and our added Aegis Living protocols. We know they are incredibly effective in keeping the virus OUT of our communities. 

We cannot say thank you enough to each resident and family and our everyday hero staff members for doubling-down on our infection control basics. We’re doing all the right things.