February 19th Update

Vaccination Participation is Growing Every Day!

We are so proud that we have continued to have outstanding participation levels at our COVID-19 vaccination clinics! Many of our communities have already wrapped up their second clinics and the rest will be completed by the end of February. Then, we have third clinics scheduled for anyone who still needs their second dose coming in March. Additionally, Washington state has eased restrictions in our Safe Start Phase 1 Guidance to allow us to have controlled small group activities, small group dining, and limited salon services at our Washington communities. These changes are going quite well, and you can feel the heightened energy among our residents.

We are continuing to follow our infection control and safety practices until we are certain it is safe for us to begin adopting new practices and protocols. If you have questions, we encourage you to review our Frequently Asked Questions and visit trusted sources like the CDC website for more in-depth medical information.

Resident Celebrating Chinese New Year and Vaccines

Where We Stand Today

This week, we are managing two cases amid our 2,200 residents across the west coast, and three among our 2,500 staff members. During this time, we are maintaining our current, vigilant infection control and safety practices, including mask-wearing and social distancing.

For details about a specific community, please reach out to that community’s General Manager or email questions@aegisliving.com. As always, we are communicating regularly with updates via email and phone to our residents, their families and the staff affected, to remain transparent in our status and report the results of universal testing in our communities to those impacted. For more resources and information from the CDC visit our Expert & Family Resources page.