December 30th Update

Vaccinations Starting in January 2021

We are excited to announce that we are currently scheduling our first round of COVID-19 vaccines for our residents and team members, with the first clinics confirmed for the first week in January 2021, in a few of our Washington communities. With two highly effective COVID-19 vaccines approved from Pfizer and Moderna, we are optimistic that in 2021, we will start to slowly rediscover a sense of normalcy in our everyday lives. If you have any questions regarding our approach to rolling out the vaccine across communities, we encourage you to review our Frequently Asked Questions. You can visit trusted sources like the CDC website for more in-depth medical information.

Where We Stand Today

We are remaining vigilant on our safety procedures and conducting more frequent testing across all communities to ensure we are doing all that we can in fighting the virus. This week, we are managing 33 cases amid our 2,200 residents across the west coast, and 41 among our 2,500 staff members. We will continue to communicate regularly with updates via email and phone to our residents, their families and the staff effected, to remain transparent in our status and report the results of universal testing in our communities to those impacted. For details about a specific community, please reach out to that community’s General Manager or email

Holiday Celebrations & a Happy New Year

Last week, our communities celebrated the holidays with a multitude of festivities. Families visited their loved ones safely via Zoom in our Chat Suites or in person in our Outdoor Living Rooms which were adorned with festive décor and cozy pillows and lights (see photo). We also had surprise visits from Santa at many of our communities, which brought lots of smiles. And at our Kirkland community, our residents got to cuddle with the community dog Bob and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Bob listened to over thirty residents – what a sweetie! We’re looking ahead to a great 2021 and can’t wait to celebrate the new year in our communities with our wonderful residents. Cheers!