Dear Residents, Family Members and Neighbors

Like you, we are closely tracking the spread of coronavirus on the U.S, West Coast. As we continue to navigate this critical issue, we are committed to providing you with timely updates on what we are doing to protect the safety and well-being of our residents, families and staff.

Aegis Living has long established infection control protocols and sanitation practices to protect against the spread of infectious illnesses – especially during the winter months/flu season.  Guided by specific recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and other medical sources, we have enhanced these protocols and practices throughout ALL Aegis Living communities. Our primary focus is on mitigating the risk of infection. We are additionally prepared to implement a safe and comprehensive containment plan in the event that any of our residents or staff become infected with the coronavirus.

A few key actions we are taking:

  • Increased monitoring and screening: All visitors and vendors must check-in with our concierge. Individuals who present with any signs of illness will not be allowed into the community and we have specific guidance in place for anyone who has been in an environment where coronavirus has been confirmed. 
  • Enhanced disinfection procedures: We have implemented frequent, daily disinfection procedures of high-touch surfaces and common areas, community-wide preventative cleaning, and have ensured we have more than adequate supplies for hygiene, frequent disinfecting and preventative cleaning for the mid to long-term. 
  • Emergency preparedness: We have emergency preparedness supplies for the community, including disposable and washable protective wear, approved cleaning agents per the CDC for Covid-19, disposable dishware, and food to feed both residents and staff for an extended period of time should we need it.
  • Vendor/service provider coordination: We are working with our Aegis vendors and outside service providers to ensure they are using the same standards when determining whether they should be working in a community. If they have had any reason to suspect exposure or are symptomatic of illness, we will ask them not to work in or visit the community – well before they arrive in that community. 
  • Meetings/events management: We have made the decision to cancel events and meetings (both in our communities and in the Stan Head Cultural Center) that involve groups from the outside.  While we realize this is inconvenient for some, we think it is critical to limiting resident exposure. 

We continue to pay extra close attention to anyone with symptoms— whether it be residents, staff, or visitors. This is where we need your support as we proactively work to prevent exposure to our residents.

  • If you have knowingly been exposed to coronavirus, do not visit the community and contact your healthcare provider immediately to be evaluated.
  • As is always the case, if you have any symptoms of illness, including coughing or sneezing, please do not visit the community. We are happy to help connect you to your loved one via phone or video link. We understand how hard it is to be away from them if you are not well and appreciate your support in keeping your loved one and the other residents healthy. 
  • If you have traveled outside of the United States within the past 30 days or have been in physical contact with anyone who has, please postpone your visit to the community until you speak to a General Manager.

We appreciate your continued support as we navigate this critical issue.

– Your Aegis Living Team