August 6th Update

Where We Stand

In the face of rising COVID cases across our country, and the highly contagious Delta variant, vaccination continues to be our most powerful weapon. Thanks to the support of our residents and their families, almost everyone in our communities is fully vaccinated. Since July 1st, vaccination has been a requirement of employment at Aegis Living, and we have seen nearly 100% team participation. We are proud to have taken a leadership position in healthcare with this important mandate.

Since we honor federally mandated religious and medical exemptions, we have added safety and infection control protocols for our very small group of exempt employees, including masks, shields, routine testing, and restrictions on dining and congregating. These continue to be evaluated based on the latest science and research.

As of today, there are zero cases among our 2,200 residents and six cases among our 2,500 staff members. We have not let up on our health and safety protocols through this journey and are continuing our practices that have helped to make our communities safe. Our teams remain committed to COVID safety and infection prevention protocols and keeping our residents healthy and happy is our number one priority.

If you have questions, we encourage you to visit trusted sources like the CDC website for more in-depth medical information.