April 9th Update

Family Reunions

It’s been heartwarming to see families reunited after a long year in this pandemic. Stories have been pouring in describing the joyful reunions that have been taking place. Residents are also excited to be reconnecting with community friends in small group activities, outings and shared meals. With vaccinations nearly complete and our communities reopening, we are excited to welcome new families to Aegis.

Family members celebrating in the private dining room
Residents on the bus to Jones Farm

Where We Stand Today

This week we are managing one case among our 2,200 residents across California, Nevada, and Washington. Our teams continue to diligently follow CDC guidelines, including social distancing, sanitation practices and consistent use of masks. In addition, as of this week, 93% of residents and 87% of staff are already vaccinated.

During this transitional time, we are continuing to follow our infection control and safety practices until we are certain it is safe for us to begin adopting new practices and protocols. If you have questions, we encourage you to visit sources like the CDC website for more in-depth medical information.