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Supporting Loved Ones During This Transition

How to support a loved in an assisted living community?

Even if all parties are in agreement, a move can be a stressful time. The emotional support and love of family cannot be replaced. You are an integral part of helping to make this a smooth transition. Here are some simple ways you can support your loved one:

  • Don’t minimize their feelings. Hesitancy, fear and feelings of loss are to be expected. Leaving one’s home is a huge adjustment, so give it time. Try to understand your loved one’s reactions to this major life event and respect those feelings.
  • Call and visit often. Reassure your loved one with regular contact. Continue to include them in your family holidays and outings whenever possible. If they do not live close, encourage family and friends to make regular calls, send cards or email.
  • Help them personalize their apartment. Help your family member choose the most meaningful possessions and decorations that will give their new living space the feeling of home and comfort.

Caring for an aging family member can be difficult. The increased responsibility and emotional burden can easily cause stress and anxiety. With the knowledge that your loved one is well cared for, you can enjoy a more fulfilling time together with less stress.

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