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Making the Move: Step 3

How to prepare to move to an assisted living community?

Moving into a senior living residence is an undeniable adjustment. There are a lot of new names and faces, along with finding your way around. In the beginning, this can be stressful, but there are tips to help ease your transition:

  • Pack well in advance, and plan. Moving is stressful. Planning and preparation will eliminate the need to make hasty decisions about what to take. Decide how you will set up your apartment and what you will need to make it personal.
  • Know what to expect. Read all the move-in materials before you move, and ask plenty of questions about your new home.
  • Be active and participate. You may be tempted to stay in your apartment, but you will feel comfortable more quickly if you meet your neighbors and staff, participate in activities and explore your new home.
  • Give yourself a break. Everyone adjusts differently to change, and it may take some time. Talk to your family members, the caregivers or a trusted friend for support.

At Aegis Living, our supportive staff and caregivers are never far away. They will be there to help with your transition. Let them know your concerns, and we will do whatever we can to make you feel at home.

Support Your Loved One’s Transition