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What Specialized Care is Offered?

Companion Living Program

The Aegis Companion Living Program specializes in proper roommate-pairing in combination with therapeutic activities. Historically, roommate-pairing was matching residents by their gender alone, without considering other variables. At Aegis we consider personality, interests, culture, eating and sleeping habits, as well as other factors through use of our specially designed pairing to

Hospice Care

The hospice concept of comfort and dignity is fully embraced by Aegis Living, and we are committed to assisting our residents to access this benefit if desired. When medicine cannot provide a cure, hospice can offer comfort, care and assistance that can help maintain a better quality of life for the patient.

The resident selects a hospice provider, enters into an agreement with the selected hospice provider, and notifies Aegis Living of their choice. Staff from Aegis Living will then meet with the hospice provider to develop a coordinated plan of care for the resident. Hospice services would be layered on top of the basic services for daily care provided by Aegis Living. Payment would be made by the resident or responsible party to Aegis Living for our services. Hospice will bill Medicare and/or the insurance company for their services and the resident or family for any applicable deductibles or co-insurance.